Teen Mom Jenelle Evans branded a 'bad mom' for filming son Kaiser, 6, playing with a power drill and hammer

TEEN Mom followers branded series alum, Jenelle Evans, a "crap mom."

They ripped Jenelle after she filmed her six-year-old son Kaiser playing with a power drill and hammer.

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In a video on Reddit, Jenelle is heard walking through her backyard saying: "I know I hear I drill. I know I hear a drill."

Kaiser then says hi to his mom, and she tells him to give her the drill.

Jenelle asks him why he has the drill, and Kaiser tries to explain he wants to attach something to his wood tower with a hammer.

But the mom shares he needs screws, which Kaiser says he has, and then tells him he can't use the drill now.

Followers commented on the clip: "Why is Kaiser allowed to use ANY tools unsupervised? He isn't even in sight of the house."

Others wrote: "What was the point of filming and posting this video? To try and humiliate Kaiser more? To say “see! Look at what a problem child he is!”? I don’t get it."

A third Redditor said: "Just a six year old alone with a power tool and a hammer."

Another follower ripped Jenelle: "Just more evidence of Jenelle being a crap mom so just another day on the land."

Some Redditors scoffed: "I LOVE how she doesn’t take the hammer from him lol."

Another commented: "But let’s him keep the hammer lol Jesus"

Others wondered: "Why would she film this? That’s a very heavy drill. No child should be using a tool by themselves."

Meanwhile some wrote: "These idiots tell on themselves every damn day."

Yesterday a video resurfaced showing Jenelle's husband, David, appearing threatened to "smack" his daughter Ensley "in the mouth."

The clip seems to be from David's TikTok Live, in which he tells off four-year-old Ensley for claiming he "killed the baby chicks"

A man who appears to be David responds to Ensley's allegation from behind the camera "No I did not. I will smack you in the mouth."

Jenelle, 29, has sons Kaiser, six, and Jace, 11, from two other relationships.

David also has a daughter, Maryssa, from a previous relationship, while he shares 4-year-old daughter Ensley with Jenelle.

Last week, Jenelle said in a TikTok video: "I had two dreams, specifically, back to back. And it just brought back bad memories where I was at. Specifically, at the reunion shows, that I used to have to attend, and everyone was like fighting in my dreams.

"At it brought back the feelings of anxiety. And it's happened two nights in a row. Don't know why. Haven't been watching the show. But yeah mental health awareness."

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