Temptation Island called 'trash TV gold' by fans after Casey watches his partner’s romp with rival & bursts into tears

TEMPTATION Island has been dubbed "trash TV gold" by fans after Casey Starchak watched his girlfriend have sex with another contestant.

The American reality show – which originally aired in the States two years ago – is currently airing in the UK on E4 for the first time.

The savage show is about couples who are in a proper relationship and want to test their commitment towards each other.

They go into a villa together, but are surrounded by single people to see if they're tempted to stray from their partner.

Ashley Howland and Casey, who had been dating for a year and a half before entering the villa, have been the centre of a lot of drama on the show so far.

In scenes set to air on Monday, the dental assistant decided to go on a date, leaving her boyfriend heartbroken.

Their time together ended up going really well, which led them both getting down and dirty under the sheets.

To make matters worse, Casey was then shown the whole thing during a moment around the bonfire.

Viewers were left gobsmacked when he had to watch his girlfriend have sex with another man.

Many fans flocked to Twitter to share their shock with what happened.

One wrote on Twitter alongside a video of the incident: "This show is so sick bra wtf you making a man watch his girl get dicked down like this."

Another tweeted: "Temptation Island is trash reality TV gold. I love this show."

A third added: "Imagine watchin ur girl gettin the piped down ok live tv!!? Kill me now."

A fourth said: "Temptation island be wildin."

A fifth wrote: "Temptation island a wild ass show."

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