Terrified Lydia cornered by Craig as she brands him a rapist in Emmerdale

Lydia (Karen Blick) was left utterly broken by rapist Craig’s (Ben Addis) despicable actions. She’s been unable to function properly since the day he betrayed her trust in the most horrific way in Emmerdale, which has put a train on her relationship with both her husband and her stepson.

She was forced to watch as both Sam (James Hooton) and Samson (Sam Hall) grew closer to her former flame, which prompted Lydia to warn Samson to stay away from Craig in a bid to create some distance. But as she continues to keep her secret, her marriage starts to crumble while she keeps the trauma to herself.

Having attempted to go to the police, Lydia couldn’t go through with telling the world she had been raped. Sam tries to make things right with her before leaving for Ireland, but she gives nothing back and he is left feeling she’s pushing him away, while secretly she’s trying to hold herself together.

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Master manipulator Craig finds a new way to get at Lydia – through Samson. He takes Samson to the pub and fires him with questions about Lydia and Sam’s relationship.

He has clearly deluded himself into thinking there’s something between him and Lydia, having previously made such inappropriate comments as suggesting he was particularly pleased that she of all people had borne his son. Oblivious Samson is only too happy to indulge the man he admires, but when Lydia finds them together, she loses it.

An embarrassed Samson is ordered home and Craig is left feeling uneasy. Samson is not in the slightest bit happy about Lydia getting in the way of his future, completely naïve to what’s really going on. Mandy notices Lydia’s odd behaviour and knows something is up.

But Lydia is in for a further ordeal when later she is cleaning the office alone and Craig shows up. He corners her, but this time he’s pushed her too far. As he continues to insist he has done nothing wrong, Lydia summons the courage to brand him exactly what he is – a rapist. But how will he react?

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