The Blacklist season 9: Is Reddington hiding Anne to protect Liz Keene?

The Blacklist: James Spader appears in season eight teaser

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There has been discussion amongst the fandom about whether Liz Keene (played by Megan Boone) will return for the ninth season of the hit NBC crime series. However, her return would be dangerous as she is responsible for Anne Foster’s (LaChanze) death, the lover of Red Reddington (James Spader). However, a new theory has emerged suggesting that Red is actually hiding Anne and she isn’t dead at all. But is he trying to protect Anne from Liz’s possible return in season nine?

Despite the character’s death, fans are wondering if Liz Keene will return in the future.

The Blacklist is known for bringing back dead characters so her return seems likely.

However, a new theory suggests that another character could also be making a return and could make trouble for Liz if she makes an appearance in the forthcoming ninth season.

Anne Foster was introduced in season eight as a widow who lives in Kansas and she meets Red for the first time in New York.

The two hit it off and begin seeing each other and it was later revealed that Red has frequently made trips to Kansas to see his lover.

While Anne later discovered Red’s secret life as a criminal, she still accepted him.

The new character tragically died after a struggle with Liz and hit her head on a glass plate, later succumbing to her injuries.

Red tells her daughter that she is dead but he is unable to tell her how, explaining that he was not the one who killed her but he “was the one responsible for her death”.

Anne captured audiences’ hearts after she and Red began falling in love.

Viewers loved seeing the softer side of the criminal and loved that Anne was charming and loving.

In the episode Miseré, Liz points a gun at Anne in her house and tells her: “His true identity is a secret, Anne; he’s never told me who he really is — maybe he will now, as a deathbed confession!”

The former FBI profiler was clearly distraught that she still hasn’t been told who Red really is and what her connection is to him.

In eight seasons, Red’s true identity is all Liz has truly strived for and it seemed that her only option was to threaten the love of his life for answers.

However, unfortunately, Anne tries to shove Liz out of the way and when Liz pushes her off, she lands on the glass coffee table, hitting her head and bleeding out.

Red is distraught and Liz is in shock but she is unable to kill her former mentor and leaves.

Though did Anne really die? Or is Red doing what he does best and hiding her to protect her from another attack?

While Liz is now dead, fans have pointed out that the character has died once before to protect herself in season three. So is Red doing the same thing for Anne?

If Liz is still out there, Anne could still be in danger but Liz is also in danger from the authorities if she is discovered to be the real perpetrator behind Anne’s death.

With everything Red has done for her over the years, it also seems highly likely that Red would go to great lengths to protect Liz from being arrested once again.

However, if Anne is still alive in season nine, how long can she stay in hiding?

The Blacklist seasons 1-8 are available to watch on NOW TV.

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