The Chase’s Bradley Walsh left red-faced after being ripped into by quiz pro
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    While we have no idea whether Cristiano Ronaldo has ever watched The Chase, he was the star of tonight's show, not that Bradley Walsh got the joke, much to the annoyance of 'The Dark Destroyer'.

    Having compiled over 900 episodes of the show, those behind the scenes are always looking for ideas that might give the audience and the viewers at home a bit of a laugh. However, despite their best efforts, their creativity fell on deaf ears as the host couldn't get his head around it.

    Tonight's four players were named Chris, Tina, Sharon and Aldo, which, if you squint a little, could spell out Cristiano Ronaldo. Alas, Bradley wasn't willing to give an itch.

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    After Aldo, a player with sublime intellect, accumulated an impressive £5000 on the Cash Builder, Shaun Wallace entered the fray and couldn't wait to bring attention to the producers' wit.

    With a huge grin on his face, he beamed: "Before we go, do you notice something? The four names — footballers. Christiano Sharonaldo. Get it?"

    While the gag left the audience in hysterics, Bradley was left less than impressed, asking: "Really?" Clearly upset with his lack of enthusiasm, The Chaser replied: "Yeh, really."

    Giving the quizzer an opportunity, the presenter looked over the names, before launching his arms in the air and questioning: "Where does the 'Sh' come from?"

    After making several efforts to win Bradley over, The Dark Destroyer gave up, and kicked up quite a fuss. He raged. "Oh, forget it, Bradley. I try to entertain people and make them laugh, but you just don't get it."

    Bamboozled by the whole situation, the quizmaster decided to move on, asking the audience: "What is going on?"

    By the time the Final Chase rolled around, only Sharon and Aldo remained, vying for a grand total of £13,000. And while that's not a lot compared to what the Portuguese footballing sensation makes, it's certainly not a figure to be scoffed at.

    Accumulating just 13 points, The Dark Destroyer salivated in the knowledge that he had the quizzing credentials to catch his prey with time to spare.

    With 44 seconds left on the clock, the intellectual reached his target, and while he may have been disappointed that his joke didn't live up to his expectation, he'll undoubtedly go home happy with his performance.

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