The Chase's Mark Labbett MORTIFIED as he leaves Bradley Walsh in stitches with major maths blunder

THE Chase brainbox Mark Labbett left show host Bradley Walsh giggling as he faltered at a maths question – despite being a teacher in the subject for the past 20 years.

The ITV star, known as The Beast, struggled with a question about composite numbers – these being a number which is a whole number, which can be made by multiplying other whole numbers.

All whole numbers above one are given the title composite or prime and, at the height of Monday's The Chase, show host Bradley Walsh asked: "In maths, what is the first composite number?"

The answer options were listed as two, four or six, with both the contestant and Mark opting for the number two.

The correct answer was given as four, leaving the Chaser less than impressed.

He remarked: "And the answer is in my on-and-off 20 odd years teaching maths, I've never, ever heard the term."

Turning to Bradley, 60, he added: "However, you’re just enjoying the fact I got it wrong," before he let out a laugh.

Fans took to Twitter to share their views on the blooper – with the audience somewhat divided in their views.

One wrote: "Beast hasn’t heard of composite numbers… really?"

Another shocked viewer posted: "I thought he was a maths teacher surely this would be covered with prime numbers?"

A third then posted: "A #Maths #teacher who doesn't know what a #composite number is! That was a shocker! That just tells you something about the level of maths in this country!"

Yet one then confessed: "I've never heard of a composite either and I have Maths A Level. But I can't do my 11 year old granddaughter's maths HW either!"

Another agreed and added: "I did a degree in maths and I didn’t know it either. Question setter has just googled obscure maths terms I think. #thechase."

A maths whizz then pointed out: "@itvstudios composite numbers 4 and six are both correct answers," yet the question was asking for the first one.

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Meanwhile, Mark, 55, recently ate "humble pie" and apologised to fellow Chaser Shaun Wallace for "screwing up" in a previous show.

He also revealed the reasoning behind his Beast nickname and said it's nothing to do with his size or imposing 6ft7in height.

The Tiverton born star instead insisted it was a clever play on words.

In fact, it's because La Bête – which sounds exactly like Mark's surname – is 'The Beast' in French.

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