The Kardashians slammed as producer claims scenes are ‘manufactured’

The Kardashians Season three announced in trailer

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A former MTV and Bravo television producer claims that “nothing is real” when it comes to The Kardashian-Jenner family’s popular reality series The Kardashians. She insists that scenes are “manufactured” ahead of the upcoming release of the programme’s third season.

New York-based TV producer Alix Abbamonte recently revealed all to as fans eagerly await the upcoming series on Hulu and Disney Plus.

With production credits for The Real Housewives of New Jersey and several shows on MTV, including Teen Cribs and True Life, Alix really knows what she’s talking about.

She’s spent years behind the camera making some much-loved telly and she insists not everything is all as it seems for viewers on-screen.

In an exclusive interview, Alix told us all about The Kardashians, including how production has become “impossible” due to social media.

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The Kardashians have already had two successful seasons air on Hulu and Disney Plus.

Plenty of dramatic moments played out over both series one and two – including the time Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick fought with Kendall.

He had discovered he had been cut from her birthday plans, and he wasn’t impressed.

Another scene included the moment the famous family discovered that Tristan Thompson had cheated on Khloe again.

But it’s certain moments of controversy that Alix reckons aren’t exactly true to real life.

She told about The Kardashians’ “exaggerated situations”, explaining: “I think that, for the most part, what happens is real – but the situations are manufactured.

“I do not believe anything about The Kardashians is real, I think they only show us what they want.”

Drawing a comparison to The Real Housewives, she added: “When housewives are fighting, I think that’s real.

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“But what isn’t real is that they’d even be together in Aspen in the first place – if that makes sense?”

Spilling all on creating The Kardashians when most of the news has already played out, Alix told us production is almost not viable.

She said: “It is next to impossible these days with social media and camera phones to keep things a secret.

“But people will still watch, if anything it gives the show even more publicity.”

Alix told “We know everything going on in [The Kardashians’] lives well before it airs on the show.

“But it makes the audience want to watch that much more to see the details of how it all went down.”

It comes after Kris Jenner officially announced the upcoming season three is set to air on Hulu and Disney Plus next month.

The official Kardashians Hulu account was amongst the first to comment on the news, writing “feels so good to be back” under Kris’ Instagram post.

The Kardashians season three premieres May 25 on Hulu in the USA and on Disney Plus in the UK.

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