The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers' Sway Bhatia Talks Adam Banks Parallels, Teases Big Finale Decisions

After a small setback, the Don’t Bothers are headed to their first game in the state championship tournament in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers‘ season finale (streaming Friday, May 28).

This week’s episode saw the team dealing with some classic teenage drama when Evan and Sofi took different dates to a dance party instead of just admitting they really liked each other. Plus, Coach T ratted out Bombay to the American Youth Hockey Association and a hearing was held to determine whether he was eligible to coach the team after being banned from the NCAA. In the end, Evan and Sofi cleared the air, and Bombay (with help from Alex) was cleared to lead the Don’t Bothers in the championship games.

The episode set the stage for a high-stakes finale that may see the squad go head-to-head with their rivals, the Ducks. Sway Bhatia, who plays Sofi, teases plenty of action in the final episode of the season. There will be “a lot of hockey playing” and a lot of “important decisions that we have to make,” she tells TVLine.

The finale will also see Sofi continue to deal with a lingering knee injury, which she’s been nursing for most of the season. She draws strong parallels to Adam Banks (played by Vincent LaRusso in the Mighty Ducks films), who also came from an elite youth hockey team and suffered a nagging wrist injury after being struck with a hockey stick. Sofi got to meet said counterpart in the reunion episode from earlier this season, in which the OG Ducks were honored at a gala.

“It was cool getting to meet the other me — and you’ll see in Episode 10, we do a little surprising thing where we pull out our inner OG Duck,” Bhatia shares. “I think there are many connections [to Banks] in the storyline, but Sophie is also her own person and she does have her differences.”

Namely, Sofi is a young Indian girl, and her cultural identity plays a significant role in her story. “When I first got the audition, it said on her description that she is going to be an Indian hockey player, [and] that was so uplifting to me,” Bhatia recalls. “It really empowered me, seeing that this character is going to be an Indian girl.”

The young actress concludes by noting that Sofi’s story in the early episodes — her parents pushing her to get straight As so she can get into Harvard — was, yes, “a little bit of an Indian stereotype.” But she loves that Sofi “got right out of that and became [her] own person.

“She wants to get good grades, but she doesn’t want to be pressured by it to the point where she has to go to Harvard or she has to be on the Ducks, where it’s all about winning,” Bhatia adds. “She can just be herself now and play the sport she loves the way she loves.”

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