'The Office': John Krasinski Ruined so Many Takes by Giggling; 'I Laugh Like a Little Princess'

With it comes to hilarious TV comedies, The Office is pretty much the ultimate. The wildly popular show is often thought of as one of the best sitcoms of all time. Throughout the show’s nine seasons and 201 episodes, there are endless moments that are laugh-out-loud worthy. But viewers aren’t the only ones who find the show hilarious. The cast, but especially John Krasinski, also succumbed to giggles on a regular basis while filming the show.

One thing that fans of The Office love to watch almost as much as the show are bloopers from the show. Released for every season, the bloopers showed outtakes from filming. Some bloopers feature a member of the cast forgetting their line, but the overwhelming majority of them feature the actors “breaking character” because they could scarcely contain their natural reaction to the hilarity that was occurring.

‘The Office’ bloopers show the cast breaking character

Krasinski, in particular, was famous for bursting out laughing while filming The Office. Since he portrayed Jim Halpert, he had a great number of scenes with Steve Carell, who played Michael Scott. Carell’s background with The Second City meant that he was constantly improvising truly hysterical moments on set. While Krasinski was able to stay in character sometimes, he admits that he often couldn’t keep it together and would burst out laughing, ruining the take.

Perhaps the best example of Krasinski failing to keep his laughter at bay can be seen in the bloopers from the iconic “Dinner Party” episode of The Office. At one point, Krasinski is so overwhelmed By Carell’s antics that he began squealing with laughter. The laughter is so infectious that the other members of the cast quickly follow suit. In a 2016 interview with NPR, Krasinski got candid about just how many takes he ruined by breaking character.

John Krasinski ruined a lot of takes with his infectious giggling

“I’m the least professional actor you can meet when it comes to breaking,” The Office star confessed “I laugh all the time. There are way too many outtakes of me laughing, and I believe, as the Internet has confirmed, I laugh, I think, like a ‘little princess,’ is the quote? I laugh like a little princess. When I break that much I, for some reason, have a very high-pitched register that I got to say, I embrace it.”

But while the A Quiet Place director was the most notorious for getting the giggles while filming The Office, he certainly wasn’t the only one. In a 2018 interview with Rolling Stone, Ed Helms (who played Andy Bernard on the show) shared that he and Angela Kinsey (who played Angela Martin) often gave Krasinski a run for his money when it came to breaking character. But he also revealed that there was one person in The Office cast who always managed to keep a straight face.

Which member of ‘The Office’ cast never broke character?

“If you’ve ever watched Office outtakes, you know it can be a disaster when we start laughing,” Helms shared. “Oscar Nunez [who played Oscar Martinez] was legendary because he was unbreakable. He never, ever broke. On the other end of the spectrum, you had me and Krasinski and Angela, and we were just like giggle maniacs. If something tickled with us, it was over. And we would ruin take after take after take and burn a lot of film.”

Clearly, The Office was just as fun to film as it was to watch. And while Krasinski may have ruined a ton of takes, we’re sure fans are pleased that there is footage of him squealing with laughter like “a princess.”

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