The One Show’s Jermaine Jenas gobsmacked as Jodie Comer unveils Scouse accent

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The One Show's Jermaine Jenas was left gobsmacked on Monday night when he discovered Jodie Comer's real accent during a backstage chat.

Monday night's episode of the BBC One chat show saw host Jermaine and Alex Scott joined by Killing Eve star Jodie Comer and Line of Duty star Stephen Graham on the sofa.

The stars appeared on the show to discuss their upcoming television drama, Help, but Jermaine was forced to admit to Jodie that he was shocked at her real accent after speaking to her just before the show.

Introducing the 28-year-old BAFTA-winning actor, Jermaine said: "Jodie it's your first time on The One Show so welcome to the show!".

However, Jermaine was forced to confess to Jodie on camera that he didn't expect her to have a Scouse accent – after hearing so many of her impressive accents on screen.

He told her: "We had a brief chat before you came onto the sofa and I've watched you in many roles doing many different accents.

"Didn't expect the Scouse accent, I've got to be honest with you!"

Liverpool-born Jodie burst out laughing as Jermaine said: "I'm guessing you get that a lot, is that something that people ask you all the time?"

Jodie replied: "I don't know if now they do, I feel like everyone knows that I'm from Liverpool now but it was such a joy to be able to do it [a Scouse accent in her new show]".

She then admitted that her Scouse accent is "always something that she's ran away from" in the past.

She continued: "I've always had this kind of notion that if I change my accent I can kind of delve into a character deeper, but it's not the case.

"And It was really nice to be able to celebrate it on screen."

She then added: "Especially with this one", referring to her co-star, Stephen.

Jermaine's co-host Alex Scott then chimed in to ask Jodie if it was true that she learnt how to do her accents from watching TV adverts with her dad as a child.

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Jodie has famously portrayed Russian assassin, Oksana Astankova in the spy thriller, Killing Eve, for which she received an Emmy Award and BAFTA.

She recalled: "Yeah well I think growing up as a kid, I think that's where I became a little bit fearless because if there was ever a funny advert on we'd always just take the mick [mock it] at home and do it in the house.

"And then when it came to auditions and things came through I was like 'Oh I'll give that a go!', you know, it wasn't so daunting.

Jodie and Stephen are set to star in Jack Thorne's care home drama, which is a scathing take on the care-home crisis during the Covid pandemic.

Jodie and Stephen's medical drama, Help, stars on Thursday 16 September on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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