The Rookie star Nathan Fillion gives hope for unlikely sci-fi comeback

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Fans of The Rookie star Nathan Fillion were both delighted and disappointed by his hint that he will soon be making a return to one of his most popular characters. The 52-year-old currently stars as Officer John Nolan in the smash hit ABC series and recently made an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Fillion posted a video of himself drinking a mug of coffee on his Instagram page, saying “Well buddy, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve missed ya. A lot of other people have missed you too. It’ll be real nice to have you back.”

He then placed his mug down next to an action figure of Cayde-6, a non-player character he voices from the Xbox game Destiny, reports The Daily Express US. Fillion captioned the post: “I think we’ve waited long enough. Do you agree? #Destiny2 #Cayde-6 #TheFinalShape.”

currently stars as Officer John Nolan in the hit ABC series The Rookie 

Cayde-6 is a highly advanced robot that joins the player in a mission to protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats. Since his debut in the first Destiny game, the character has appeared across the entirety of the franchise and will return in the 2024 expansion, The Final Shape.

He was killed off at the start of the 2018 DLC, Forsaken, but appears to have been revived somehow in trailers for the next chapter. Fillion’s followers were thrilled to see the announcement of his return, although many admitted they were eager for another kind of comeback.

Hard-core fans of the cult classic Firefly were hoping he’d be back as Captain Malcolm Reynolds, almost 20 years since his last appearance. Firefly was a space western from the mind of Jos Whjedon that was cut short in the early 2000s by Fox TV halfway through its first season. But the show’s popularity has only grown since and resulted in the film Serenity in 2005.

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Instagram user @nomifine replied: “I thought we were getting more Firefly until I saw the hashtags.”

@mrscreeps added: “OMG! REALLY? I’d actually start playing again!”

@lecksealen said: “The way that he ISN’T talking about Mal is heartbreaking.”

Destiny fan @beardedtea said they’d “love an animated show based on Cayde-6’s exploits.

“Hell, even a prequel series where it explores each previous memory wipe, quantum leap style could be fun.”

@gipsy_undead said: “You awesome, brilliant man. I missed Cayde so much, glad to have you back.”

And @darlingdeviljon added: “I cried at your return. I made my peace and here you go coming back.”

Fillion will also be back in the sixth season of The Rookie, although a release date is currently undecided due to the ongoing writers’ strike in the US.

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