The Ultimatum: Are Alexis and Hunter still together?

The Ultimatum: Trailer for new Netflix reality series

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The Ultimatum is on Netflix now and the series falls into the category of shows such as Married At First Sight and Love is Blind. The show follows six couples on the verge of marriage, but they have a tough decision to make. One partner is ready to tie the knot but the other is still questioning the commitment – did Alexis and Hunter go through with their relationship?

Are Alexis and Hunter from The Ultimatum still together?

The aim of the series is to give the couples an ultimatum whereby they have eight weeks to make a final decision.

Either they commit to marrying each other or they move on.

During the experiment, each partner will choose a new potential partner from one of the other couples.

This gives them insight into what a completely different future would look like.

Alexis Maloney, 25, told partner Hunter Parr that either they get engaged or they break up.

Hunter, 28, said he was not ready to propose to Alexis at that moment in time.

Instead, he wanted to move in with her, but she was adamant about getting a ring.

Although the couple showed interest in different partners, Alexis was keen to keep her man.

She said: “I would fight for Hunter, and I don’t want anyone to have feelings for Hunter other than me.

“If I wanted him dating someone else, I would dump him.”

Hunter then proposed to his wife on the spot, saying he was “not scared anymore”.

He told his partner: “I love you for who you are, all the good and the bad, and I don’t wanna be with any other girl ‘cause I already know in my heart who I want to be with and it’s you.”

Alexis celebrated her bachelorette party with her castmates and confirmed the pair were living together.

They still appear to be together and in July 2021, Alexis posted an Instagram photo of the pair kissing.

She wished her partner a happy birthday and called him her “best friend”.

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Hunter is also on Instagram and he has been promoting the new series.

He said ahead of the show’s release: “In less than 24 hours you’ll be able to watch me put my relationship on the line in @netflix new series @ultimatumnetflix. Hope y’all enjoy the drama!”

Fans are still waiting to find out whether the couple had their wedding.

Alexis and Hunter had left the series early as they were adamant they did not want to experiment with other partners.

They had been dating for two years before getting engaged.

During the proposal, Hunter said: “I know you gave the ultimatum, but I love you so much.

“You talked about clarity, and you talked about wanting to understand what I want and what I need.

“And this experience has shown me so clearly that I was just scared and I was using moving in together as a way to delay what I knew inside, and I’m not scared anymore.”

The Ultimatum is available to watch on Netflix now.

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