'This Is Us': In 'Both Things Can Be True' This 1 Character Proved That He Is the Most Relatable

In the April 6, 2021 episode of This Is Us, “Both Things Can Be True,” fans are positive that this one character proved he is the most relatable. Viewers also believe that he was the reason for the title of the episode.

‘This Is Us’: Season 5, Episode 12 recap; ‘Both Things Can Be True’

When This Is Us, “Both Things Can Be True,” began, Kate (Chrissy Metz) headed out for her first day back to work. She was anxious about leaving her two children home and starting a new job. Her co-worker proved to be very difficult to work with, although she kept checking her phone and worrying about her children. 

Luckily, by the end of This Is Us Season 5, Episode 12, Kate found her place in the class. She helped a student understand the lyrics of a song. The young girl then sang her heart, and the co-teacher seemed impressed. Kate went home happy that she helped a student.

However, Toby (Chris Sullivan) did not love the first day in his stay-at-home dad role. Since he couldn’t secure a new job, he cared for their two children. Toby spent the day at the park with Madison (Caitlin Thompson) and told her his reservations about being a stay-at-home parent. However, when Kate expressed her enthusiasm for her new job, Toby held back his feelings. Fans are worried about Kate and Toby’s marriage.

‘This Is Us’: Toby is the most relatable character

Fans believe that not only is Toby the most relatable character, but he was the reason for the title of This Is Us, “Both Things Can Be True.”

“I see very little love for Toby, and I just wanna say: I love him,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Don’t love that he’s depressed or struggling, of course, but I love that they’re showing something very real in a very accurate way.”

Other fans agreed that his difficulty with being a stay-at-home parent is a real-life situation.

“As a person who has struggled with depression for over half of my life, Toby has always seemed one the most relatable characters,” the fan continued. “And I really think they nailed his part with the ‘both things can be true.’ He loves his kids, but he misses work. He loves being a dad, but he misses being a worker.”

‘This Is Us’ shows the beginning of Kate and Toby’s downfall in ‘Both Things Can Be True’

This Is Us co-executive producer K.J. Steinberg spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Toby in “Both Things Can Be True.” A representative from the outlet asked if Toby keeping his feelings inside was an indication that their marriage is going to begin to crumble. 

“It remains to be seen,” the producer explained. “I think it was meant to be exactly how you took it, which is he was talking about historically the trouble that arises in his marriage when he’s not honest. And he chooses in that moment to bottle stuff up. That’s going to have a ripple effect… I’m not saying it’s irrevocable but certainly consequential.”

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