This Morning crew scramble as dog causes chaos mid-interview

This Morning: Cheeky pooch Misty tries to eat Ainsley's chicken

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Pet psychic Beth Lee-Crowther brought her dog Misty onto Wednesday’s episode of This Morning. However, the canine caused chaos on set when she jumped from her owner’s lap mid-interview to explore the kitchen area. Crew members scrambled around the dog as she tried to tuck into Ainsley Harriott’s chicken casserole.

While Beth was speaking, her dog Misty left the sofa and host Vernon Kay started looking around to see where the tiny pooch went.

Co-host Josie Gibson quipped: “What do you think Misty is thinking right now because she has just done a runner?”

Vernon chimed in: “I will tell you what Misty is thinking, she’s thinking, ‘I love what’s [over here].”

The two hosts then realised the mischievous dog was tucking into chef Ainsley Harriott’s chicken in the kitchen area of the set.

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The crew had to step in to get the dog away from the chicken as Josie and Vernon looked on in disbelief. 

“Oh no, Misty has dived into Ainsley’s chicken,” Vernon yelled from the sofa. 

Josie burst into laughter with her co-host while the embarrassed owner admitted her dog was a bit “greedy”. 

As the crew tried to get the hound away from the kitchen Josie added: “Misty has taken a little dive for the chicken there.” 

“The crew are frantically cleaning up, that’s absolutely brilliant,” Vernon chuckled.

“Just make sure Ainsley makes another casserole please because I don’t want that one.” 

After the crew members finally managed to get Misty away from the food, her owner Beth called her back to the sofa where the dog sat next to her and behaved. 

“She’s been absolutely loving it, she’s been having a whale of a time,” Vernon remarked. 

Many viewers found the segment hilarious and took to Twitter to comment on Misty’s rebellious moment. 

Claudia remarked: “She should have known her dog was going to go for the food… Like ALL dogs!! You don’t have to be PSYCHIC to know that.” (sic) 

Toni Wilson added: “The dog eating their food is the best thing that’s happened on this show in years #ThisMorning.”

@FlopsyPickle said: “Why is this woman just sitting there just letting her dog eat the food and generally cause chaos? It should be on a lead or her lap #ThisMorning.” 

Later on in the episode, Beth answered calls from ITV viewers who had concerned about their pets. 

One pet owner called Rebecca was worried about the health of her horse and a rabbit owner called Wendy wondered if her pet was “happy”. 

Psychic Beth told Wendy: “I think you have been doing a marvellous job with your rabbit, I don’t know if you have tried to make him a house rabbit. 

“He’s very tuned into you, I have written down the name Rebecca for you and I need to look out for a person with that name.” 

This Morning continues on weekdays at 10am on ITV. 

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