This Morning viewers sickened as Phillip Schofield drinks horse milk live on air

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Phillip Schofield's eyes began watering after he tasted horse milk during Wednesday's show.

Yesterday's episode of the ITV show saw Josie Gibson milking a horse in a bizarre TV segment, and today the milk arrived at the television studios.

Holly Willoughby refused to taste it, but Phil volunteered despite not even being a fan of cows milk.

He said after sniffing the white liquid: "It does have an odd smell. It's like salmon! Fishy horse…"

Holly said: "Oh stop it".

After he took a sip, Phil pulled a hilarious facial expression as he said: "I don't like that."

Willoughby laughed as she commented on the fact Phil's eyes were now watering.

He added: "It's got a bit of an aftertaste".

Viewers were left sickened as one wrote: "It was disgusting yesterday. It still is!"

"Horse milk… I'm literally heaving", added another."

A third penned: "I'm almost throwing up. Horse milk, f*** that".

Other viewers didn't understand what all the fuss was about, as one remarked: "What's so vile about horse milk? Why is milk from a cow not judged the same?"

Yesterday, fans were left in utter disbelief after Josie Gibson milked a horse live on air.

Viewers couldn't believe what they had witnessed and took to Twitter to express their feelings.

Some found it hysterical, but others fumed over the animal's welfare.

One fan penned: "Why are human beings now milking horses.. ffs. There isn't any reason at all to ever do this?

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"Josie cracks me up", added another with three laughing emojis.

A third wrote: "@thismorning Why are you promoting this without condemning it?. #ThisMorning."

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