This Morning’s Alice Beer blasted over Queen mourning comments

This Morning: Alice Beer hands doughnuts to mourners

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Thousands of people have been queuing up overnight to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II who died on Thursday, September 8 at her home in Balmoral. Her coffin arrived back at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening with many people already queuing for their chance to see her before the funeral on Monday, September 19. This Morning presenter Alice Beer took to the streets of London to speak to mourners but left viewers infuriated with her “insensitive” questioning.

By 8am on Wednesday morning, the queue of mourners had stretched between Lambeth Bridge and Westminster Bridge.

The queuing wait was estimated between 12 and 30 hours before the funeral takes place on Monday morning.

Speaking to just a few of the thousand people waiting to pay their respects, Alice began: “Good morning, yes I am between Lambeth Bridge and Westminster Bridge.

“You join me just at the crucial moment, the moment people have been waiting for, the wristbands are being handed out.

“What number are we on at the moment?” to which the member of staff revealed: “Early 200s.”

She asked the woman in the queue what time she had arrived at the queue, to which the woman stated: “Four o’clock.”

Alice asked: “Is it exciting getting this? It really is official now, you’ll get in quite quickly now. I am pleased for you.

“You won’t get in without the wristband, you join the queue, you get a number and you follow the Thames all the way along, and then cross over Lambeth Bridge.

“Then you will clear security, with their strict rules, they are being strict about what you can take in. So no bags, no food, no liquids, it is a good atmosphere.”

She found a young teenager in the line who had been queuing since midnight and asked: “Are you tired?

“Mind you, it’s a bit like Reading Festival, you’ll be doing that next, it’s just a dress rehearsal isn’t it?”

Alice then continued to stun viewers at home watching further as she began to hand out doughnuts.

She joked: “I’m about to become the most popular person in the queue, I suspect. We can pay our respects and eat doughnuts at the same time.”

Fuming at the comments made by Alice, Twitter user @DavidMacKayy exclaimed: “This ain’t a f***ing concert Alice, it’s a memorial for the queen #ThisMorning.”

@droflas_ added: “@thismorning interviewing people like they’re queuing for a concert and treating it like a party?

“And then the reporter saying to one guy ‘this is just a dress rehearsal for Reading Festival next year’… seriously?! Disrespectful is an understatement #thismorning.”

Harry Rutter commented: “This coverage of the mourning line for HM The Queen is making me feel weird #ThisMorning.”

@princessnikki50 added: “#ThisMorning that woman interviewing people in the queue to see the Queen’s coffin needs sacking. How disrespectful. It’s not a festival queue.”

Whilst @MoneyManMitch echoed: “I mean… There’s trying to cheer people up and then there is just being insensitive. Alice do better.” (sic)

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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