Tipping Point fans distracted by blonde bombshell as they say they’re ‘in love’

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Tipping Point viewers were left head over heels over player Goergie today (June 22), who was introduced by Ben Shephard during the show

The blonde beauty didn't get off to a great start in the show, after a series of question blunders saw her struggle to top up her prize pot.

But viewers weren’t focused on the geography teacher’s prize pot after being distracted by her "stunning" good looks.

Viewers rushed to social media to share their admiration for the Birmingham-born babe.

One posted: "Another hot one hi Georgie let's get tipping.”

A second chipped in: "Hello, Georgie! I think I’m in love. Stunning."

While a third added: “Georgie can teach me geography any time.”

Georgie was eliminated in the second round after bagging £750 but lost out to fellow contestants Malcy with £800 and Leary with £850.

Despite a valiant effort, Malcy was unable to beat Leary in their head to head, leaving the fitness instructor from London in the final and battling to take home £10k.

Tipping Point viewers were left scratching their heads this week after the gameshow continues to air two different formats, with different contestant numbers and different rules.

Tipping Point went through a big shake-up to the way in which the ITV show ran earlier this year.

The new version swapped from the usual four-person line-up to only three people and changed the second round, where contestants received 45 seconds instead of 30 seconds to answer questions.

However, recent episodes whipped spectators into an online frenzy as four contestants once again lined up waiting to take on the machine.

ITV presenter Ben Shephard has made no reference to the additional person on the panel, leaving viewers baffled.

Stumped, one fan tweeted: "I've just checked our TV magazines, there's no (repeat) next to the programme, and the on-screen synopsis says new. What's going on @TippingPointITV? I’m confused about the format"

“When did they go from 3 contestants to 4 again?” asked a second.

Steve Lowe asked: "Four contestants again? I must either be a time traveller, or this is a god-damn repeat! #TippingPoint."

The change to the format caused a big stir with viewers, with some even claiming that they “switched off” the show.

One fan wrote: “What sorcery is this? Only 3 contestants. When did this travesty transpire?”

“Watched 2 minutes and switched off, it’s like a different show,” added another.

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