Tom Holland Credits Zendaya for Helping Ease His Anxiety Ahead of Meeting Fellow ‘Spider-Man’ Actors

In a new interview, the ‘Uncharted’ star thanks his girlfriend for being his ‘support system’ and helping him overcome his anxiety as ‘the closer’ he got to meeting Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield the ‘more nervous’ he was.

AceShowbizTom Holland is clearly grateful to have Zendaya Coleman in his life. The “Chaos Walking” star has credited his girlfriend for helping ease his anxiety ahead of meeting fellow Spider-Man depicters, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

In a virtual conversation with Deadline published on Wednesday, January 26 alongside Tobey and Andrew, who both reprised their roles as Peter Parker, the 25-year-old British actor admitted to having jitters before meeting fellow “Spider-Man” actors for the first time, ahead of their work together on “Spider-Man: No Way Home“. “At our first rehearsal, I had asked [Jacob Batalon] and Zendaya to come with me to just kind of be there as like, my support system,” he recalled, laughing.

“Like, ‘I’m gonna go meet these guys, I’m really nervous about it,’ ” Tom continued. ” ‘We have to read the scene, and I don’t know how this is gonna go because we’re all playing the same character, and we all have to bring our own heart and soul into this, and it means a lot to them, and it means a lot to me,’ ” the “Cherry” star added.

Tom went on to say, “So Jacob and Zendaya were there on that first day,” as he described that the moment “was daunting.” The “Uncharted” actor then explained, “It was very daunting because we were a long way into shooting before you guys showed up.”

“We were maybe three months into principal photography,” Tom continued. “The date of ‘the other Spider-Mans are coming’ was etched on my calendar and [it] was getting closer and closer and closer, and the closer [it] got, the more and more nervous I was,” he reasoned.

Elsewhere in the interview, Tom said that “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, which marks his sixth film appearance as the title superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “really is a celebration of three generations of cinema.” He said that filming “No Way Home” could be “incredibly emotional” and “very taxing” at times, but he ultimately was grateful for the experience.

“I was so happy to be there that I had to go at it a different way and go, ‘Wow, look at my life. Look what’s happened to me,’ ” Tom gushed. ” ‘I’m working with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and we’re telling this story.’ “

Tom elaborated, “I would get emotional, kind of how proud I was of the situation that we were in and what we were doing, and that I really believed in what we were doing.” He shared, “So yeah, it was tough. But you know, anything hard is worthwhile,” before concluding, “I was happy to kind of really push myself … to make this film.”

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