Tom Zanetti wants marriage and kids with Made in Chelsea girlfriend Sophie Hermann after whirlwind romance

TOM Zanetti wants marriage and kids with his Made in Chelsea girlfriend Sophie Hermann after their whirlwind romance.

The couple met filming Celebs Go Dating at the end of last year and have been smitten ever since.

He's since joined her reality show on E4 and in an exclusive look at tonight's episode, Tom discusses their blossoming relationship.

"It's going really well, we're having a great time," Tom told his new co-stars Fredrik Ferrier and Ollie and Gareth Locke.

"She's lovely person and a beautiful girl obviously.

"I think that she likes that I'm just me and I'm not trying to do anything to impress her.

"Underneath everything, she's very soft."

After asking if there was anything he should be aware of, Ollie told of Sophie's desire to start a family.

"She definitely does want to move forward in life," said Ollie.

"She wants the babies and the husband and all the bits anyone wants really."

Tom replied saying: "I want the same thing. I really do want that. My boy is 14 now, I had him when I was 16.

"I miss that I can't cuddle him like I used to."

Tom became a dad to son Deaconn when he was just 16.

He moved Celebs Go Dating viewers to tears when he opened up about becoming a dad at a young age.

He told Made in Chelsea's Sophie Hermann: "I was really really happy, I fell in love with him the day he was born."

"I worked as a scaffolder, a brick-layer, a roofer, I did everything I could to make sure he had a prom and a car…"

Sophie asked if having a child so young left Tom feeling he had missed out in life.

He said: "The only thing I wish I had was that I always wanted to get married."

The pair fell for each other on the show and are now dating.

He made his debut on Made in Chelsea last week after surprising Sophie on her birthday.

  • Made in Chelsea continus tonight at 9pm on E4.

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