Trisha Goddard apologises for swearing during race row on Jeremy Vine ‘B****y sick of it!’

Trisha Goddard says she is 'sick and tired' of race row

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Trisha Goddard was joined by Dawn Neesom and Sonia Sodha on Channel 5 on Tuesday as she continued to step in for Jeremy Vine. The host apologised for swearing during the the show as the panellists debated whether a UK academic should have lost her advisory role at Leeds Beckett University over tweets using the terms “house n***o” and “coconut”.

Trisha remarked: “I have so many issues [with this]. I, as a person of colour, within the context it may be annoying and upsetting and probably offensive but I have a problem with [who made the decision].

“My question would be, ‘What colour are the people who called it out as racist?’

“Too often there are liberal white people who label things as racist and tell Black people what is and isn’t racist. 

“It’s definitely not a nice thing to say and ‘coconut’ is childhood school ground stuff and that’s silly.

“But my thing is if this goes to a tribunal, will the tribunal and everyone who sits on it be people of colour or are we going to get white people sitting there and saying, ‘I think that’s racist’ ‘I don’t think that’s racist.’”

“‘You’re allowed to say this and you’re allowed to say that’ because I am sick and b****y tired of that,” Trisha added.

The Jeremy Vine presenter quickly apologised: “I’m sorry,” before moving on with the discussion.

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