‘Unforgettable’ Jane McDonald shares glimpse into love life as she bids farewell on show

Viewers in hysterics at Jane McDonald's savage quip

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Jane McDonald bid farewell to Channel 5 viewers on Sunday night as her travel series came to an end. The singer ended her road trip in Miami, Florida where she took a tour of the city and saw the sights of the Clevelander Hotel and Gianni Versace’s old house. She even got to live the life of luxury by sipping champagne on a speedboat.

The cruise ship singer also paid a visit to a local winery to taste the local wines and sampled some of the finest rums Miami had to offer.

Throughout Jane’s travel show, she has visited many exotic places including the Caribbean, Florida, Miami and Cuba.

However, as she took a private speedboat tour with Captain Mike from Miami beach to Florida Quays, she made an admission about her love life.

“Is Miami the place to be seen, Mike?” Jane asked as they set off.

The skipper replied: “It’s definitely the place to see and be seen. Lots of sexy, beautiful people running around in Miami.”

The singer continued: “I’ve seen there’s a lot of flesh out in Miami, isn’t there?”

“When the weather is this nice, who wants to wear clothes?” he joked before Jane laughed: “Me, love!”

During the trip, Mike showed Jane Millionaire’s Row, where a number of celebrities live, like David Beckham.

“We are just getting started,” Mike told Jane as she explained Miami was the place for the rich.

“Really?” she asked. “There is more to see?”

“We are heading south to Star Island,” he continued as Jane asked: “So, that’s an island where stars are.”

He added: “We keep the names very easy. Star Island, is named after a bunch of stars. We keep it simple, it’s easier to remember.”

“I like things simple, like my men,” the cruise singer laughed poking fun at her choice in partners.

As the programme came to a close, Jane reflected on her trip while watching the sunset from her balcony.

“As the sun goes down in Miami, the sun goes down on my amazing trip,” she said.

“It really has been an unforgettable road trip across the sunshine state.”

Jane added: “We have shared golden beaches and unforgettable sunsets.

“I’ve discovered the wonderful natural world and had some right scary adventures.

“We’ve hung out with superstars, met the locals, we’ve eaten and drunk to our heart’s content and come close to a holiday romance or two.

“I am glad to say as well that I’ve fallen in love even more with every place I’ve been.”

Holidaying with Jane McDonald: Florida is available to watch on My5.

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