Unforgotten fans share FOUR mind-blowing theories about who killed Matthew Walsh – but who do you think is guilty?

UNFORGOTTEN fans have shared FOUR mind-blowing theories about who killed Matthew Walsh.

The long-awaited series four of the ITV drama has had viewers gripped since it debuted last month.

The new series sees DI Sunny Khan and DCI Cassie Stuart investigate the discovery of a dismembered body in a scrap metal yard – which turns out to be Matthew's -with the team believing it had been stored in a domestic freezer for 30 years.

As the series has progressed, four main suspects have been identified, but some viewers think others could still have played a part in Matthew's grisly death.

They have shared their thoughts and theories on social media, but who do you think is guilty?

Theory one: Fiona Grayson got rid of Matthew

Therapist Fiona lives with her husband and two kids in the Peak District, but had an unhappy childhood and was charged with death by dangerous driving as a young woman.

Fiona told her husband she didn't think she had been in the wrong, but DI Sunny and DCI Cassie discover her blood test had mysteriously disappeared from the police station after the arresting officers had smelled alcohol on her.

They suspect she either blackmailed her friend Liz – who was working at the station at the time – to steal it, or the two women were a couple.

It was later discovered that all four suspects got out of Carl Fogerty's car to chase after Matthew on the night of his disappearance.

One fan tweeted the theory: "Three eps into #Unforgotten and there are reasons to suspect all four main characters. Am sure they all conspired with the hiding of the body.

"But was Fiona assaulted by Walsh and the others helped her get rid of him? Ram seems too much of a baddie – must be more to him."  

Theory two: Ram is hiding a sinister secret

Ram Siduh certainly seems to have aroused the suspicions of many viewers with his strange and secretive behaviour.

The expectant father is charming on the surface, but he has shown signs of a deep sadness and anger during the series so far.

He is also a police officer and the same rank as Cassie, but he has been accused of sexual harassment and is seen trying to blackmail the young female officer making the accusation.

Viewers also learned that three weeks before Matthew's death, he had beaten Ram in a racially motivated attack, but got away with it.

One viewer tweeted: "I think Siduh has more to hide, has he covered something up to not want to give an interview? He hasn't put himself in a good light there.

"And who has he been in contact with, to just say, 'It's me, we need to meet' on the payphone?? He's hiding the most!"

Theory three: Carl Fogerty is still alive

Carl Fogerty's freezer had contained Matthew's dismembered body, and he had been in a car with the four main suspects on the night of Matthew's disappearance.

Carl had been identified alongside Ram chasing Matthew that same night.

However, Carl is now dead, but some viewers think that isn't actually true.

Writing on Twitter, one theorised: "Fogerty is still alive, living under a different name, that's who they've been contacting. Are they all being blackmailed by him? Doing what he says?"

Theory four: All four suspects covered up Matthew's death

They four suspects, Fiona, Ram, Liz Baildon and Dean Barton, had connections to Matthew.

Liz is a high-ranking police officer and engaged to be married to her partner Janet.

However, Liz was the most shaken by the news that Matthew's body had been found, is that because she has something to hide? Especially after she secretly met up with Fiona to discuss what happened that night.

Meanwhile Dean is a former policeman who now works as a businessman organising charity events and caring for his disabled son.

However, viewers have learned he has a dodgy past and has a connection to Ram and a mysterious 'shipment' that he helped move in episode two.

At the moment he certainly seems the most secretive of the four, but does he have a murder to hide?

Some viewers think he and the other main suspects all worked together to cover up Matthew's death.

One wrote on Twitter: "Current theory: they had just come from a party full of booze and pills, the victim had taken something and had a bad trip and went running, came out of the woods and got knocked by the car accidentally. The others freaked and covered it up."

Unforgotten airs on Mondays at 9pm on ITV.

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