Virgin River season 3: Will Mel adopt Charmaine’s babies in ‘tragic’ twist?

Virgin River: Alexandra Breckenridge stars in season two teaser

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Virgin River season three is in the making for Netflix and the romance drama series is starting to take a dark twist. In the latest season, Charmaine (played by Lauren Hammersley) discovered she was pregnant with twins and is convinced Jack (Martin Henderson) is the father. However, some fans have suggested Charmaine will suffer a terrible fate which will see Jack’s partner Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) adopt the babies.

Will Mel adopt Charmaine’s babies?

Virgin River is admired by fans across the globe and they are all anticipating the release of the third season.

The season two finale ended on several cliffhangers, as bar owner Jack was shot by an anonymous killer.

He had been trying to get his head around the fact he was due to become a father to Charmaine’s twins.

At the same time, he was navigating his new relationship with nurse Mel, and the love triangle was becoming harder to handle.

Charmaine is a character fans love to hate, and they believe she may leave the series in the next season.

She had spoken about moving to Oregon with her twins once they were born, so she could pack her bags for good.

However, some fans believe she may suffer a more tragic fate, as she faces a dangerous complication with her pregnancy.

She found out she had hyperemesis gravidarum – a pregnancy condition that causes nausea, weight loss and dehydration.

Mel had helped her get her health back on track, but some viewers have suggested it will take its toll on her body.

One said on Reddit: “In the books, Jack and Mel had two children. Mel will adopt them after Charmaine has a tragic accident.”

While this would be the ultimate dramatic exit for Charmaine, most viewers believe she will choose to leave the picturesque town.

One said: “Once she has the twins, a medical crisis will occur and that is when they will discover that Jack is not the father.

“Jack will be hurt and angry and Charmaine will take herself and her babies to Oregon to start over.”

Fans definitely have mixed opinions about Charmaine’s character, with one saying: “Yes. Hate her. I understand being hurt over her relationship with Jack.

“But she became crazy and clingy and downright nasty. Especially when Mel was going out of her way to help.”

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There is definitely family drama on the horizon for Jack and Charmaine, as viewers are convinced the babies are not Jack’s.

They have suggested Charmaine went to a fertility clinic when she realised Jack was falling in love with Mel.

The most highly-supported theory is that Charmaine used the pregnancy to trap Jack in a relationship with her, but it backfired.

One fan added: “All of a sudden after 2 years of “casual dating” she ends up pregnant? With twins?? Something sure smells fishy to me.

“I know it happens IRL but IMO these two are way too old to have an unintended pregnancy.” [Sic].

Actress and photographer Hammersley announced the season three news on her social media channels, so she will be making an appearance at the start.

The series is based on the novels of the same name by Robyn Carr, and in the books, Charmaine does become pregnant.

However, as fans predicted, the babies end up belonging to someone else and this could also be the case in the upcoming season.

Charmaine only plays a small part in the books, so her role in the series has definitely been amped up for dramatic effect.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the day they will discover her ultimate fate.

Virgin River is streaming on Netflix now.

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