Virgin River season 5 theory: Charmaine’s twins’ dad exposed as Vince

Virgin River stars celebrating the end of season 5 filming

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Charmaine (played by Lauren Hammersley) dropped the bombshell on Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) and Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) in the Virgin River season four finale that her unborn twins weren’t in fact the former marine’s. Instead, the Netflix drama ended on an almighty cliffhanger, leaving fans with nothing to do but scour the entire series for clues as to who the father may actually be.

A number of names from Virgin River have emerged as likely characters to be unveiled as the father so far.

These have ranged from the likes of Preacher (Colin Lawrence), Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), Mike (Marco Grazzini) and beyond.

But could it actually be someone with a more sinister side? A new theory has suggested the menacing Vince (Steve Bacic) could actually be the dad.

And there are a number of clues which appear to support the theory put forward by one Virgin River fan on Reddit.

Fan and Redditor u/AppleAndPants suggested: “I think Vince will be arrested (remember, Mike is on his way) and then it will be revealed that he is the father of Charmaine’s twins. (The result of a one-night hook up).

“This would explain the twins thing (Vince is a twin to Paige’s husband). It would also explain why Charmaine would not want to tell who the real father of the twins is. 

“First, she was trying to trap Jack, then she was just embarrassed. I am wondering/hoping that after all that happens, Paige (Lexa Doig) will take Christopher (Chase Petriw) and leave town to start a new life somewhere else. (It has been said that one of the characters will be leaving town).”

The theory certainly appeared to have the backing of other members of the fandom, with u/RealisticDurian5494 replying: “I still think this is a good plot idea. 

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“It’s a tv show and doesn’t operate on the rules of real life and things actually work so this could totally happen!”

Elsewhere, u/t**smcgee81 also appeared in agreement with the theory, adding: “Good point of view!”

Others felt it would be a satisfying end to the storyline, with u/Complete-Road-3229 weighing in: “I’d take this storyline over the writers totally acting like the fight never existed between Vince and Preach. 

“Think S3Ep 10 when Preach is passed out in the forest and S4 picks up without any mention of it.”

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But others weren’t so keen on Vince being thrown into yet another of the show’s biggest storylines, with u/Unonoun commenting: “I’m hoping we are done with Vince.”

And u/Itiswhatitis047 spotted a potential flaw: “You realise a woman’s body is what determines whether it’s a single pregnancy or multiple. The father being a twin does not increase the mothers chance of having twins.” (sic)

However, Virgin River is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of reality when it comes to its biggest storylines. 

So could the fact Vince is a twin be enough to prove he is indeed the real dad?

Fans will have to wait until season five arrives to find out for sure.

Netflix is still yet to announce exactly when this will be but the cast did provide an update from filming last month.

A number of the cast took to social media to confirm filming had wrapped on season five, meaning the episodes will now enter the editing process.

Virgin River seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix now. 

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