Where Bread stars are now – from tragic deaths to Hollywood stardom and Corrie
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    It's been 35 years since BBC's Bread first hit our television screens.

    The 80s sitcom, which followed the Liverpool-based Boswell family, became hugely popular during its seven series run.

    And by the time it had wrapped in 1991, the stars had become household names up and down the country and went on to land some major roles.

    At its height in 1988, Bread was raking in a huge 21 million viewers for the BBC, with characters like Jean Boht's acid-tongued matriarch Nellie and heartthrob Peter Howitt's Joey nestling in the British imagination as some of the most recognisable characters on TV.

    But where are they all now?

    Eileen Pollock

    Eileen didn't actually play a Boswell at all, but was one of the show's most recognisable faces as Lil Lilo.

    The news broke just before Christmas last year that Eileen had sadly died at the age of 73.

    Her family told that the "hugely loved and well known talent" had gone peacefully at her London home.

    "Your beauty, laughter and loving eyes gave joy to all," a tribute statement read.

    Lil Lilo was the flame-haired mistress to Ronald Forfar's philandering Freddie in the show.

    Jean Boht

    Now 89, Jean brought to life Boswell matriarch Nellie.

    The character was fearsome in her protection of her family, but ultimately caring and decent.

    She's since appeared in a string of British productions including Casualty, Doctors, Holby City and The Bill.

    Jean is married to American conductor Carl Davis, whom she wed in 1970.

    The pair share daughters Hannah, 49, and Jessie, 46.

    Peter Howitt

    Peter's character Joey, a Boswell son, became a fan favourite and soon the actor behind him was elevated to heartthrob status.

    But Bread was only the beginning of his success.

    Peter moved out to Tinsel Town and made it big as a director, working with a string of A-list names like Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors and Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English.

    He has a son, Luke (born 1990) and a daughter, Amy (born 2008).

    Peter lives in Vancouver, Canada, and his last film was 2008's Scorched Earth.

    Ronald Forfar

    Ronald, who played Nellie's adulterous husband and Lil Lilo's lover, became a novelist after a prestigious acting career.

    He sadly died in October last year at the age of 81.

    But even after Ronald's Bread days, he was recognised by the sitcom's fans.

    He told The Daily Express in 2015: "I still look similar to Freddie Boswell, so there's a reaction from people when they see me, but it's a friendly reaction."

    Victor McGuire

    Victor played the lovable Jack on Bread.

    Since the show wrapped, Victor has enjoyed an esteemed career in both film and television.

    Now 63, soap fans may recognise him from his Coronation Street stint as Big Garth two years back.

    He also starred in other classic sitcom, Goodnight Sweetheart, starring Only Fools and Horses star, Nicholas Lyndhurst, 59.

    His character Ron Wheatcroft, who provided a lot of the laughs on the programme, starred in all six series.

    Nick Conway

    Another Corrie star, Billy Boswell actor Nick now passes on his acting wisdom at the theatre school he runs.

    Nick opened the theatre school after appearing in a number of theatre productions himself.

    He's also appeared in The Bill and Casualty, and eleven years ago showed his face in Coronation Street as Gavin.

    The multi-talented 58-year-old also DJs – as if his list of accolades wasn't long enough already.

    Gilly Coman

    Gilly's Aveline appeared in the first four series of Bread, before going on to star in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Inspector Morse.

    She also shared the screen with legends Ronnie Barker and Sir David Jason on Open All Hours.

    The mum-of-three tragically died aged 54 in 2010, of a suspected heart attack.

    She is survived by her husband, photographer Phil Cutts and their three sons and one daughter.

    Jonathon Morris

    Arty Adrian Boswell was played by talent Jonathon – whom fans may also recognise as the host of CBBC's The Movie Game, which he took over from Phillip Schofield.

    While he continued to act, and appeared in a number of gameshows, the star seems to have stepped back from the limelight.

    But he did hit the silver screen in 2000, where he played El Gallo in the film version of the musical The Fantasticks (released in 2000).

    Melanie Hill

    Melanie was the second Aveline after Gilly stepped back from the project.

    After Bread finished in 1991, Melanie continued to make a string of TV appearances.

    More recently, she starred in The Syndicate and Waterloo Road, but her most recognisable role is that of Cathy Matthews in Corrie.

    Cathy remains a recurring character to this day, six years after her initial casting.

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