Who are Don Lemon's parents Katherine and Wilmon?

DON Lemon American television journalist and has his own show on CNN called Don Lemon Tonight.

The 55-year-old has carved a successful career as a news reporter, which also include receiving an Edward R. Murrow Award and three regional Emmy Awards.

Who are Don Lemon's parents?

Katherine Clark

Katherine Clark is the mother of Don Lemon.

He revealed in 2011 that his father, was married to another woman while in a relationship with his mum.

On the other hand, Don's mother was also married to another man, but divorced him because he "wasn't treating her right."

The 55-year-old opened up on how a previous relationship helped him come out to his mum in an interview with People in June 2020.

He recalls: "So I told her, 'Mom, I'm really sad about John and our relationship.

She asked me what kind of relationship we had, and I told her, 'He was my lover.' That's when I started crying."

He added: "She started to learn about my friends and my life, and she really started to accept it.

"She realized that all [her fears] weren't true, and she was building that up in her head."

Wilmon Lee Richardson

Don's father Wilmon Richardson was an attorney.

He was part of a lawsuit successfully challenging segregation of public transportation in Don's home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Lemon was born under the surname of his mother's then-husband, and discovered that Wilmon was his father when he was five.

Don tweeted back in 2016 that his father passed away from diabetes when he was still a child.

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