Who is Changing Rooms host Russell Whitehead?

CULT classic decorating show Changing Rooms is officially back after 17 years off the air.

The show, which has moved from BBC to Channel 4, sees homeowners redecorate each others' houses with occasionally disastrous results.

Who is Changing Rooms host Russell Whitehead?

Interior Designer Russell Whitehead is joining the Channel 4 reboot, alongside his business partner and husband Jordan Cluroe.

Although contestants have full creative control, Jordan and Russell will be bringing their visions to life.

Together, the two own 2LG Studio, an interior design studio specialising in residential and commercial spaces.

Is he married and does he have kids?

The couple first got together after meeting in London, when both dreamed of becoming actors.

The husband duo named their company after the end of their first shared postcode, 2LG , which they affectionately nicknamed 'two lovely gays'.

Although they initially struggled to find clients, they got their first big break after Russell's father asked him to redecorate the interior of a hotel he had bought.

The couple don't currently have any children, and haven't shared if they're planning on expanding their family in the future.

What else has he starred in?

It was Russell's husband Jordan who first stepped into the spotlight.

Jordan competed in the 2014 series of BBC Two's Great Interior Design Challenge, where he made it all the way to the final.

The couple now credit Jordan's first TV appearance for helping raise the profile of 2LG, which has since become well known for its' quirky designs and bright colours – perfect for the often outlandish ideas seen on Changing Rooms.

Russell and Jordan have since appeared in multiple magazines, and often act as so-called 'house doctors' for newspaper Metro.

Is he on social media?

Although neither Russell nor Jordan have public personal Instagram profiles, their company 2LG Studio has a large following on the site, where the duo regularly share photos of their interior design projects, magazine interviews and TV appearances.

The couple also occasionally use their professional profile to share pictures of themselves together, often in complimentary outfits.

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