Why are Rachel Nichols and Jimmy Butler trending?

RACHEL Nichols has apologized to ESPN colleague Maria Taylor over disparaging comments she made about her getting the NBA gig because she is black.

The controversy has now got the internet talking once more about an old rumor which was about Rachel and NBA star Jimmy Butler,

Why are Rachel Nichols and Jimmy Butler trending?

As soon as Rachel started trending on Twitter over the Maria Taylor fall out, people started digging in her old controversies.

In July 2020 BA Insider Chris Haynes reported that when the NBA was in the Orlando bubble, a security guard received a complaint of a "large thumping" in a hotel room during the quarantine period.

The room belonged to Jimmy Butler, and when the security guard knocked on the door, Butler answered and said he was dribbling a basketball.

Then on July 6, 2021 gossip site Jordan Thrilla alleged that Butler was with Rachel at the time, and they were having an affair.

Neither party has ever responded to these claims.

There is no substantial evidence to back them up to be true, as the claims are hearsay.

Has Rachel Nichols been fired from ESPN?

On July 6, 2021 Rachel hasn't been fired, but she has been pulled from the sidelines for the NBA Finals.

It was after she was caught on a bombshell hot mic making disparaging remarks about a black colleague.

The network confirmed the decision, calling it the "best decision for all concerned in order to keep the focus on the NBA Finals."

Rachel is replaced on the sidelines by Malika Andrews but will continue to host The Jump, ESPN said.

The controversy surrounding Rachel stems from remarks she made around in 2020 about network host Maria Taylor during a private conversation that was inadvertently caught on camera.

In a recording of the conversation, first released by the New York Times, Rachel is heard suggesting that Taylor was only picked to host the NBA finals coverage because ESPN was "feeling pressure" about diversity.

Rachel did not realize that the video was being recorded.

The video was later uploaded to a server at the company's headquarters and then disseminated widely between ESPN employees.

Rachel publicly apologized for her behavior during the July 5, 2021 broadcast of The Jump.

She was also defended by her co-hosts, Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson.

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