‘Why would you say that?’ Raab takes on Kate Garraway in tense Afghanistan row

Dominic Raab shuts down Garraway on Taliban stance

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The UK’s Foreign Secretary has been challenged on Good Morning Britain over the devasting Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the UK Government’s apparent unpreparedness for the ensuing humanitarian crisis. Presenter Kate Garraway challenged Dominic Raab over the UK and US Government’s failure to foresee the rapid collapse of the Afghan National Army. But when the GMB host suggested Mr Raab seemed unsurprised and even “happy” at the outcome, the Foreign Secretary responded with a fierce slap down.

Ms Garraway told the Foreign Secretary: “You sound like you are happy the way things are going.

“I mean you don’t even sound particularly surprised that we are in this situation.

“I mean you were on holiday so I guess you didn’t see it coming otherwise if you knew the situation was like this you would of been here.

“How did it take everyone so unawares, something that we knew was coming?”


Mr Raab replied: “We didn’t know it was coming and I am not happy about it.”

The host fired back: “Why didn’t you know?

“Why didn’t you know that the Taliban was going to take over in this way what has gone wrong?

She added: “I am sure Mr Raab you are not pleased with this.”


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