‘Wow’ Ben Shephard gobsmacked by Tipping Point player’s admission after nail-biting win

Tipping Point: Contestant wins jackpot of £10,000

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During the latest episode of Tipping Point, ITV host Ben Shephard welcomed three new contestants onto the show. Claudia, Anssi and Alison had to compete against each other in the hopes of making it to the final. The last contestant standing would then go on to try and win the £10,000 jackpot.

Anssi got off to a great start in the first and second rounds as he stormed into the lead winning £1,000.

Things didn’t go so well for poor Alison as she seemed to struggle and pass on a lot of questions in the quick-fire round.

However, despite only winning two counters for the machine, she still managed to win £850.

Claudia was the last player to take on the machine and she had to knock 13 counters down in a bid to beat her opponent Alison.

She quickly stormed into the lead, meaning Alison was the first player to be sent home.

Claudia and Anssi then had to go head to head to compete for a place in the final.

After bagging £2,050, Anssi was sent home, while Claudia sailed through to the final round.

It was very touch-and-go for Claudia after she stumbled on a number of questions.

However, the player managed to knock down the £10,000 jackpot coin with her final counter.

“It might move the silver ones down,” the host commented as Claudia’s final counter dropped into the machine.

“Oh, they’re all going to go together, Claudia. Oh my goodness, this could be really close.”

“Wow,” Claudia beamed as the jackpot counter dropped. “That came out of nowhere.”

Ben replied: “You’ve had to battle so hard with so many counters throughout the game.”

He continued: “The double earlier and then all those five and six came forward at the same time and for a minute I thought the double was going to go.

“You have just won £10,000, Claudia, how does it feel?”

“I can’t believe it,” the player replied. “Amazing, it feels great.”

“Tell me what you’re going to do with the money now then?” Ben asked.

“Definitely a trip to America and Nathan will kill me for saying but I am going to put some towards a wedding,” she explained before adding: “But I am not engaged.”

“Wow,” a stunned Ben replied. “So is that you proposing to Nathan?”

“It’s giving him a big prod,” Claudia told the host.

Ben concluded: “Oh, so he’s still got to do that bit? You’ve been told, Nathan.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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