‘You’re crying!’ Alan Fletcher left in tears over Neighbours ending: ‘Trigger emotions’

Neighbours star Alan Fletcher gets emotional over show montage

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Appearing on Monday’s instalment of ITV’s This Morning, the actor was reflecting on his 28 years on the show to presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary. After they played a montage of Karl’s relationship with his wife Susan (played by Jackie Woodburne), the 65-year-old actor became teary.

After 37 years on screens, the popular Aussie soap will be coming to an end this August.

Over nearly four decades, fans have gotten to know and love the characters of Ramsay Street and have been engrossed in their storylines.

The show has also helped kickstart the career of many stars in the entertainment industry including Kylie Minogue, Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth.

As the final episode is looming, many stars of the show have been reflecting on their time in Neighbours.

Introduced to viewers back in September 1994, Alan Fletcher joined the cast as part of the Kennedy family.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, they played the actor a montage of footage showing the relationship between his character Karl and his wife Susan

When the clip ended, Dermot let out a long sigh as he said: “Oh wow, that was a trip wasn’t it?”

Alan replied: “It’s wonderful to be here, I’ve got a bit of a tear going on now!”

Alison responded: “Awww, well it’s 28 years I’m not surprised! 

“When you watch that back does it bring back lovely memories?”

The 65-year-old actor started to respond before the host noticed their guest was starting to get choked up.

Touching his hand for comfort, she exclaimed: “Oh, you’re really crying, really getting emotional!”

Laughing off the fuss, Alan said: “It does trigger all the wonderful emotions you had when you actually shot the scenes.”

The soap legend touched on his infamous rocky relationship with Susan and the moving clips they filmed together throughout the years.

He explained that every time Karl and Susan got back together, the tears that the fans saw were real.

“Jackie and I, you know we’ve busted up and got back together, we’ve busted up and got back together and every time the tears are very real, they feel real and the moment feels real,” he added.

The actor also displayed his new baldness after he recently announced he’s been diagnosed with alopecia.

In May, Alan took to Instagram as fans were growing concerned for the Australian actor’s health.

Posting a selfie of himself smiling, he wrote: “There’s been concern expressed on the web that I am unwell. I can assure you I am fit and well and very busy filming the last episodes of Neighbours EVER!

“I have a disorder called alopecia areata that causes patchy hair loss. I have recorded a video explaining the condition which you can view on my website and on the Neighbours Facebook page.

“Thank you for your concern and support. Fletch.”

The final episode of Neighbours will air on Monday, August 1, 2022, on Channel 5.

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