6 Dogs dead at 21 – Rapper revealed he was ‘super depressed’ before ‘apparent suicide’

RAPPER '6 Dogs' reportedly said that he was "super depressed" before his alleged suicide, it has been revealed.

The rising star, whose real name was Chase Amick, died at the age of 21.

The rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, allegedly died from suicide, according to Heavy.com.

WorldStarHipHop also tweeted about his apparent suicide.

They wrote: "According to several reports, underground rapper #6Dogs has passed away due to suicide. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends."

In a previous interview, 6 Dogs said he started rapping as an outlet because he was "super depressed."

He said: "I was super depressed, you know, I still feel some type of way sometimes but for the most part I'm straight now, but I just needed an outlet.

"I've always wanted to rap. I remember just sitting in the lifeguard stand, the entire summer, eight hours a day or longer and just sitting down and I was like ‘this sucks, I want to do something with my life."

His final tweet on the social media site was a retweet of a post which asked those with friends in the music business to check on them as sometimes musicians want to "cry and quit."

The tweet from Ray Daniels read: "If you have friends in the music biz call them and check on them.

"This rat race that we are all in is not cool.

"Some days I feel like a superhero who can take over the world, and some days I just wanna cry and quit.

"I know I'm not alone.

"I know a lot of us feel this way."

In an interview with Bird Feed, 6 Dogs said that he used his music to uplift others and to prevent them from harming themselves.

He said: "It feels really good to be able to help people like that, especially since I know what that’s like to have to go through.

"In Faygo Dreams, my favorite lyric is ‘thankful for these scars now."

He added that this was his way of encouraging listeners to embrace their struggles and describing how “people come out stronger on the other side."

6 Dogs rose to fame on Soundcloud, where he had thousands of followers and was reportedly dating Arlaina Axenroth.

He was known best for his singles "Faygo Dreams" and "Flossing," which amassed millions of plays.

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Following the reports, friends and fans rushed to his social media accounts to share their condolences.

One user wrote on Twitter: "6 dogs one of my biggest inspirations of all time, sending tons of love to all my friends who knew him personally this is so so sad. RIP."

It has been reported that he had an estimated net worth of $120,000 at the time he died.

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