As eco-friendly Prince Charles pens children's book on climate change, we imagine a guide to our future King

HE’S famed for his love of chatting to plants and once said climate change sceptics were “headless chickens” – so it’s no surprise that Prince Charles will go to any lengths to get his environmentally friendly message across.

Yesterday we revealed that our tree-hugging future king has written a Ladybird book on climate change.

Eco warrior Charles came up with the idea for the 52-page book to be published this month to explain global warming.

Ladybird books – launched 50 years ago – became famous for using simple language to help kids understand the world.

But they have since become 21st century best-sellers for adults with spoof titles like How It Works: The Wife, The Hipster, The Shed, Dating and The Hangover.

In 1981 Prince Charles was himself the subject of a Ladybird book. But what would an updated version look like today?

This is our – completely unauthorised – take.

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