Bear calls shotgun and rides in the passenger seat of owner's car in Russia

A BEAR calls shotgun and rides in a car’s passenger seat — and who’s going to argue with that?

The Himalayan bear, called Toptyzhka, was pictured travelling with Veronika Dichka, 24, who helps to look after the beast for his owner.

Veronika, from Novosibirsk, in southern Russia often takes trips in the car with Toptyzhka by her side.

She said: “The bear always has a positive attitude towards car trips because of his curious nature.

““He is an inquisitive bear and the main thing he was interested in was the steering wheel. He also has a great time turning the light on and off with his nose.

“He also gets lots of goodies during car rides, such as sausages.

“I met Maya Kirsanova, who is the owner of the bear and it turned out that she needed help and I volunteered to give her a hand.

“And I have spent almost every day with the bear ever since.

“I am often asked if I am afraid of bears, but I would say, on the contrary, I feel safe with Toptyzhka.”

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