Brisbane mother performs outrageous acts for men on OnlyFans

‘Earth’ mother deals with relationship break-up by smashing plates, throwing up and faking contractions for men on OnlyFans, all while raising her infant daughter

  • Natalie Willmot swapped stripping for online adult entertainment
  • She sometimes needs to Google the things men ask her to do on OnlyFans
  • Decided to create an account after her long-term relationship broke up
  • Combines online performances while raising her 22-month-old daughter 

Life can get a bit weird for Brisbane mum Natalie Willmot. 

One minute she’s smashing plates, the next she’s vomiting into a container while naked. 

Having worked as a stripper for nine years, Natalie is no stranger to taking her clothes off.

But when her relationship with the father of her 22-month-old daughter ended, she decided to lose 10kg and start an OnlyFans account to ‘bring the strip club to me’.

Now she performs bizarre requests for men around the world in order to make ends meet, admitting she has to Google some of the instructions to understand them. 

 ‘Stripping was like having training wheels on [but] this has been a huge eye-opener,’ Natalie said.

When her relationship broke up, Natalie Willmot turned to OnlyFans to make ends meet

Some of the requests she receives from men on OnlyFans are mindboggling

‘To a lot of men, the acts would just be funny, like one guy who likes me to smash plates across the floor.

‘A lot of the requests involve more psychological fantasies.’

One man pays to watch Natalie urinate into a container, while another wants her to wear a pregnancy prop while talking dirty, faking contractions and pretending to feel a baby’s kicks.

One of the weirdest requests, she said, was for her to video herself vomiting into a clear container while naked.

‘I drank a lot of milk and ate a lot, sat on the floor and made myself vomit by putting my fingers down my throat.’

Natalie turned from stripping to OnlyFans after her long-term relationship ended

Natalie said she is able to easily move between her roles of online adult entertainer and mother.

‘I’m the sort of person where people have always just opened up and told me things,’ she said. 

‘I don’t feel weird or grossed out, or that I am doing anything bad.

‘It doesn’t arouse me, and I am just busy saving the money.’

Natalie said her relationship split made her feel ‘scared and alone’, inspiring her registrations with sites such as OnlyFans, Extra Lunch Money and Exclusive Life.

‘I didn’t want my daughter to have a s**t life,’ she said. 

‘I wanted her to have the life she’d have if we had two incomes.’

The single mother wants to give her daughter the best life possible

Natalie describes herself as a ‘crunchy’ mum, devoted to living an organic, alcohol-free lifestyle. She focuses on ‘attachment parenting’ and practises ‘elimination communication’ – a practice in which a caregiver uses timing, signals, cues, and intuition to address a child’s need to to urinate and defecate, avoiding the need for nappies.

‘[OnlyFans] has helped me to get over him [her ex-partner] and not sit around feeling sorry for myself,’ Natalie said.

Not all her friends, however, have been supportive, with one even deciding to end their friendship.

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