Britney Spears invited to Congress by Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene after 'powerful' conservatorship battle

REPUBLICAN Congress members Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene want Britney Spears to speak her “powerful” truth over her enduring battle to win back her independence from her father. 

“Your story is so powerful, and the admiration of your achievements so great, you (and perhaps only you) can blow that door wide open, giving hope to millions,” the signed letter dated June 30 reads.

“Your life, liberty, and happiness have been taken from you.

"Please take advantage of the empowerment that public congressional testimony can unlock."

The conservative lawmakers along with Reps. Andy Biggs and Burgess Owens who also signed the letter, are asking for the 39-year-old pop star to come to the nation’s capital for a chance to right the wrong done to her. 

“The United States Congress should hear your story and be inspired to bipartisan action,” it continued.

“What happened to you should never happen to any other American.”We hope you will choose to accept our invitation to express your interest in speaking to Congress and to America for the sake of the justice you and many Americans deserve."  

After signing onto the "Free Britney" movement that was sparked after fans rallied for her to be let loose from her father's clutches – the politicians wrote that they support Spears even if she turns down their invitation.

Gaetz later tweeted that the effort wasn't a celebrity stunt, claiming he and his elected colleagues "are very serious about guardianship and conservatorship reform."

The politicians’ open invitation came as the superstar was unable to remove her father Jamie Spears from controlling the 39-year-old’s finances and business decisions. 

The judge in the case tossed her attempt to regain independence and relieve her father of his conservatorship role.

Britney has been forced to live with substantial restrictions placed on her following a series of high-profile mental breakdowns.  

The terms of the conservatorship grants her father a great deal of influence over her professional life – but Britney claims he's meddled in her personal life as well.

In fact, Britney testified that the conservatorship arrangement she’s been living under since 2008 is “abusive” that she wanted to “sue her family.”

When calling for her father’s removal during a November court hearing, her attorney said the young woman was scared of her father and wanted him ousted from the conservatorship.

In court filings, the singer said she wanted private wealth management firm the Bessemer Trust appointed as "sole conservator".

However, documents filed in Los Angeles show Judge Brenda Penny refused the request while rubber-stamping Bessemer Trust's role as co-conservator of the estate.

Britney has claimed her father tried to impose mandatory contraception to prevent her from getting pregnant or tying the knot with her current boyfriend Sam Asghari.

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But Jamie denied wrongdoing and alleged "he has been cut off from communicating" with Britney, in legal documents obtained by TMZ.

Instead, he placed the blame on Britney's current conservator Jodi Montgomery for any issues over whether Britney was forbidden from marrying her boyfriend Sam Asghari or having a baby.

Gaetz and colleagues appear to be asking for the star's power and influence to share her struggles and possibly use the machinations of Washington to reshape current conservatorship policies.

“Congress can make things better and you can inform our policy decisions. If you will speak to Congress, we are ready to listen," according to the letter

“Please take advantage of the empowerment that public congressional testimony can unlock."

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