Chinese doctor says he told Govt Covid was jumping from person to person WEEKS before they warned the world

A DOCTOR has claimed that he told the Chinese Government that Covid-19 was jumping from person to person WEEKS before they warned the world.

Speaking in a new BBC documentary, the doctor, who wished to remain anonymous, said Chinese officials bullied medical staff into keeping quiet.

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In the bombshell documentary, called '54 Days', the doctor said that the virus was "out of control".

He explained how by January 10 the respiratory department of the hospital where he worked had been full yet officials refused to allow and him or his colleagues to speak to anyone or wear face masks.

The doctor said: "It was out of control, we started to panic.

“Everyone knew it was human-to-human transmission, even a fool would know.

"So why say there was none? This made us very confused and very angry."

The '54 days' refers to the time period between the first known cases and the first day of lockdown in Wuhan.

Coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan on December 31, 2019

Last week, other Wuhan-based doctors alleged that China lied to the world about the covid outbreak so millions could celebrate the New Year.

The medics from the outbreak epicentre city have been captured on film admitting they were silenced in December 2019.

A new ITV documentary revealed Covid was spreading like wildfire for 12 days from January 5 but the Chinese government reported no new cases.


'Outbreak: The Virus That Shook The World' outlines a cover-up by the Chinese government authorities from the start of the outbreak including how the Lunar New Year celebrations were allowed to go ahead.

One of the medics said he feared it would become a mass super-spreading event once it was clear the virus could be transmitted between humans.

He is filmed saying "they shouldn’t have allowed any gatherings" but says "we were told not to speak out".

"The provincial and local governments knew the threat but they continued to allow crowds," says the doctor.

"People suggested at city level that it shouldn’t go ahead, but it did because such an event would present a harmonious and prosperous society."

It comes as families of Covid-19 victims in China allege that their chat groups were shut down shortly after the World Health Organisation arrived in Wuhan to investigate the origins of the virus.

"Don't pretend that we don't exist, that we aren't seeking accountability," Zhang Hai, whose father died of COVID-19 in February told a media outlet.

Zhang had been assembling relatives of those from Covid-19 in a bid to demand accountability from Chinese officials.

However, the group was shut down after the expert team of WHO researchers arrived in Wuhan and accused the Government of trying to silence the victim's families.

"You obliterated all our platforms, but we still want to let everyone know through the media that we haven't given up," Zhang said.

WHO researchers arrived in Wuhan two weeks ago to conduct fieldwork to find out how the virus spread across the world.

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