Cindy McCain, widow of the late Senator John McCain, appeared on Cuomo Prime Time Tuesday where, despite being a Republican, she said she would serve in the Biden administration if asked to do so. It’s been reported that President Biden is expected to name McCain as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations World Food Program. McCain would be Biden’s first Republican appointee to a Senate-confirmed position.

Asked if she’d work in the Biden administration, McCain responded, “I would serve in any capacity if the president were to ask me to do so. Yes, I would.”

McCain also weighed in on Republican Representative Liz Cheney, who is in danger of losing her leadership role for pushing back on former President Donald Trump’s influence in the party, and his continued false claims that the election was stolen. Cheney also voted to impeach Trump for his role in causing the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

“We do need to be careful,” McCain said. “We can’t — it doesn't serve any good if we just oust someone who's really a good representative of the party.”

John McCain served as a Republican in the Senate for decades, working alongside and becoming good friends with President Biden. Cindy McCain doesn’t believe the Republican Party is now what it was when her husband served, but also believes the party will eventually move away from Trump.

“I watched Joe and John work together across the aisle, and the difference in those days is they did it for the good of the country. Right now we’re seeing a party so misguided that they're doing it for themselves, what's good for themselves,” McCain said. “As I said before, I truly believe that the pendulum will swing back. I think we're going to hit some more bumpy roads, though, along the way. Clearly, Trump’s not going to let it go down easy.”

McCain also shared how she believes the Republican Party needs to change going forward.

“Our party does have to be careful in making sure that we’re a party of inclusion, and that’s not just women,” McCain said, “but people of color, our gay folks, our folks of whatever gender they choose to be, all need to be a part and welcome within in our party.”

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