Cops refused to recover a stolen car found by its owner minutes after being nicked — as they were too busy

A MOTORIST has slammed cops after he turned detective and tracked down his stolen car within minutes of it being nicked – only to be told officers were too busy to attend.

Alex Robbins, 21, had his £6,000 Vauxhall Corsa stolen from outside his home after thieves broke in and stole his car keys.

They left the fled but then returned a few minutes later on 20 March and drove off the 16-plate car.

Alex, who works at a special needs school, dialled 999 and was able to tell the police exactly where the motor was as it was fitted with a black box GPS for insurance purposes.

But he was stunned to be told that officers were unable to help him as they were too busy – despite the fact that they black box recorded the car being driven at speeds of 70mph in 30 zones.

Alex, of Fallowfield, Manchester, decided to run to the street where the car was as it was less than a mile from his home.

He then called cops again and told them he was looking at his car, but was told if officers attended to recover the car they would charge a fee of £150.

When he refused to agree to pay, the telephone operator said the case was closed and gave him a crime reference number so he could claim for damage on his insurance.


Stunned Alex was left with no option but to take the law into his own hands and bravely jumped into his motor and drove it back home.

He then had to block it in with his mum’s car to prevent the robbers – who still had one of his car keys – from nicking it again.

Alex slammed Gtr Manchester Police for its inaction – especially as the force boasted of launching Operation Dynamo in February which is aimed at cracking down on the car theft epidemic across South Manchester.

He said: “I was really shocked by the response – or complete lack of it – from the police.

“When I called them to say the car had been stolen, they said they were too busy. Then when I contacted them again and told them I had found it, they still weren’t interested.

“You’d have thought they might be interested in catching the person who nicked it, especially as they were driving it at speeds of 70mph in residential areas during the morning rush hour.

“But they just said they’d charge £150 for someone to come out and recover it for me. When I said I wasn’t willing to pay, they said the case was closed and gave me a crime reference number for insurance.



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"They might as well just tell any car thief they can do what they like and they won’t be punished.”

Alex’s car spent 13 days in the garage and needed a new bumper, new black box, new wheels and have the keys changed – leaving him £300 out of pocket.

A GMP spokeswoman said the theft of the car was reported and then 90 minutes later they received another call to say it had been recovered.”

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