Crime writer Sir Ian Rankin is bumped down from business class on BA

Crime writer Sir Ian Rankin is bumped DOWN from business class to economy on ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip after British Airways ‘oversold’ flight

  •  Scottish novelist was flying to Greece to see tragedy play Oedipus Rex

Crime writer, Sir Ian Rankin was bumped down from business class to economy on a British Airways flight.

The Scottish novelist was flying to Greece on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip to see the Greek tragedy play, Oedipus Rex.

He and his wife had travelled over 330 miles from Edinburgh to take the flight from London Heathrow on Thursday.

But when the 63-year-old arrived at the airport he was told the flight was oversold and he would be bumped down.

Business flights are on average double the price of an economy ticket.

Sir Ian Rankin vented on Twitter that he had been downgraded from business class to economy after his flight was overbooked

Sir Ian was flying out to Greece on a ‘once in a lifetime trip’ to see the tragedy play Oedipus Rex

The writer said on Instagram: ‘On my way to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Greece to see Oedipus Rex.

‘Treated ourselves to British Airways business class.

‘Tickets bought and paid for in February.

‘Now told business class is full and we’re being bumped to economy, traveller beware.’

He tweeted a similar message, adding: ‘Story of my life.’

He added: ‘According to the gate staff at Heathrow, British Airways oversell seats, 98% of bumped passengers find that their original seats are reinstated at the gate.

‘Friends, my wife and I are the 2%*’

Broadcaster, Terry Christian slammed the system tweeting: ‘Bad show indeed.

‘Airlines aren’t even particularly apologetic about this stuff either in my experience.’

BA replied on Twitter offering to look into the situation for him if he provided his flight details via DM.

British Airways gate staff told Mr Rankin that passengers are usually given their original seats at the gate

Mr Rankin said he had booked his tickets for Thursday back in February

Sir Ian replied: ‘Automated apology innit?

‘Plus forms (online) to fill in after your holiday.’

Fan Mori Christian said: ‘I hope you got a ton of free stuff as compensation.’

Sir Ian replied: ‘Er*quite the reverse. Had to pay for meal and drinks in Economy.’

Another fan called Kevin asked: ‘Did you check in online 24 hours before or just rock up at the airport?’

The Scottish author replied that he had but was told he would have to check in at the airport after getting an error message.

He wrote: ‘Only at airport did we find out there were no seats for us.’

British Airways’s short-haul business product, Club Europe usually takes up the first 10-14 rows of the plane, each with the middle seat blocked off.

The creator of Inspector Rebus posted about his experience on Twitter

Passengers in the premium cabin can usually expect a complementary meal and newspapers, while those flying in economy must pay for any refreshments beyond a free bottle of water and snack.

Mr Rankin, who is famed for his crime series about Inspector Rebus, was knighted earlier this year.

Rebus has now featured in 26 books since he first appeared in 1987.

Sir Ian was knighted by the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace in June.

British Airways said that overbooking is standard practice in the industry to keep fares low, and that it uses historical data to predict the number of passengers that will travel. 

In a statement the airline said: ‘We do our best to avoid disrupting customer journeys by using historical data to match the number of available seats to the number of customers we expect to travel, but on rare occasions, we get this wrong.

‘We’re sorry for our customer’s experience.’

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