On Don Lemon Tonight Tuesday, Lemon responded to an attack by Fox News host Tucker Carlson a night earlier. Though Carlson bizarrely accused Lemon, a Black man, of having a white supremacist cookie jar in his kitchen, that wasn’t the part that Lemon wanted to address.

“Don Lemon lives in a $4.3 million home in Sag Harbor, New York,” Carlson said on Monday. “No, he does not live in Section 8 housing, he lives in one of the whitest towns in America. In fact, 80%. Sag Harbor is just 3% African-American.”

“I want to fill you in on something that is going on over at the Fox propaganda network,” Lemon said Tuesday night. “I don't usually respond to these things. I don't like to punch down, and I would like to focus on issues on this show that are important to you other than someone taking pot shots at me.”

Carlson’s attack came in response to Lemon saying in an interview that Black people and white people live in two different realities in the United States. Lemon took exception with Carlson’s assertion that he hasn’t lived that experience because of his success.

“Section 8 housing,” Lemon said. “Let me simply just say this: If you think that a Black person who doesn't live in public housing can’t experience or understand racism in this country, well, that just says much more about you and your ignorance on these issues than it does about me.”

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