Dr Fauci claims 'macho guy' Trump thought Covid masks diminished his 'manhood' in stinging attack

DR Anthony Fauci has blasted Donald Trump by claiming the former president thought Covid-19 masks diminished his manhood.

Fauci, who was recently promoted to chief medical advisor to the White House, described Trump as being a “pretty macho guy” in his reasoning for rarely wearing a mask. 

It was “unfortunate” many Americans had decided to follow suit, he told the Atlantic, in an interview published yesterday.

The comments come as the doctor faces accusations of moving the goalposts on Covid-19 advice, since expressing that it was “common sense” to wear two masks. 

In a televised interview on Tuesday, Fox News host Sandra Smith touched on Fauci’s recent remarks that double-masking was “common sense”, with the comment “Dr Fauci, seems like the goalposts keep moving.”

Smith continued on, telling Fauci that “all of us are trying to do what it takes to stay safe”.

“We’re all wearing our masks and hope that most people are. Now we’re hearing we should wear two,” she said. 

“If I go to the grocery store, do I wear two, do I wear three? Is it safer to wear eight? Where does it stop?!”

Fauci told Smith the “discussion” was changing, as opposed to the goalposts.

He added that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was not officially recommending anyone to wear more than one mask.


The exchange came on the same day as the publication of Dr Fauci’s interview with the Atlantic, in which he said he was ready to put his rocky relationship with Trump behind him. 

Speaking about his time working with the Trump administration, Fauci commented on how difficult it was to convey the importance of masks to the former president.

“It's really tough to get into his head, but I think what was going on with him is he was not interested in the outbreak,” he said. 

“The outbreak to him was an inconvenient truth that he didn't accept as a truth. It's something that got in the way of what he really wanted to do.”

Trump was a “pretty macho guy” when it came to him not wanting to be seen wearing a mask, Fauci said. 

In another recent interview with Fox News, host Dana Perino referenced Fauci’s recent interview with a New York Times podcasts, a large majority of which focused on his troubled relationship with Trump, as opposed to the pandemic. 

According to Daily Mail reports, Perino noted how “willing” Fauci was to answer questions about Donald Trump. 

“I know those questions are irresistible for reporters to ask, but is there a law of diminishing returns to continue to answer questions about that relationship if the crisis is as acute as you say?' she asked.  

The doctor agreed with Perino’s insinuation that attention was possibly being misplaced.

“After that interview, I said to myself we really got to look forward and ahead and just put that behind us. I totally agree with you,” he said.

“Looking forward I'm really not enthusiastic at all about re-examining what happened back then rather than looking forward to what we need to do now.”

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