Drink-driving primary school head caught almost four times the limit after downing gin and wine still allowed to teach

A DRINK-DRIVING primary school headteacher caught at almost four times the limit after downing gin and wine is still allowed to teach youngsters.

Roisin Philip, 34, was shopped to police after security staff at Sainsbury's saw her walking into the doors of the supermarket – before staggering into her car.

But teaching watchdogs have ruled the incident was a blip – meaning she will be allowed to return to the classroom.

Philip, of Southampton, had been promoted to headteacher just a month before she was caught.

She was then fired from her job at Hiltingbury Junior School in Chandler's Ford, Hampshire after being convicted of drink-driving.

But despite that, she wasn't banned from the profession.

The Teaching Regulation Agency announced in a judgement today that the head’s “fall from grace” had prompted her to work "incredibly hard".

Chairman Chris Rushton said cops called to Ms Philip's home over concerns she was driving while "very drunk" found her car "parked in an odd position".

They found the head inside – and she gave a breath test with a reading of 125 micrograms of alcohol. The limit is 35.

Cops later searcher her car, and seized two bottles of white wine and one of gin.

She was later convicted and sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for a year, as well as a £750 fine and a three-year driving ban.

Ms Philip has since returned to the classroom.

Alan Meyrick, for the Education Secretary, told the hearing: “Ms Philip was an experienced teacher. She ought to have known what was required of her and conducted herself accordingly.

“Given her experience and seniority at the time, Ms Philip should have set the highest standards and been an exemplary role model.

“However, her conviction and her subsequent, very public fall from grace had the effect of forcing Ms Philip to confront the root causes of her behaviour.

“She had done so extremely positively and had worked incredibly hard, for which she deserves immense credit.

"It was clear, in the panel's view, that Ms Philip had turned her life around.”

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