Many tourists and visitors to calgary are interested in new adventure activities during their trip or on holidays to make it memorable. In the last few years, many people have enjoyed their escape room adventure playing escape games based on various themes in the escapehour escape rooms. The escape game is a exit game where players in the locked room have to solve puzzles, find clues, work as a team to find a way to exit the room within a period of one hour.

The players in locker room are helped by a game master who is monitoring their activities and will answer their queries or provide any kind of help if required. In edmonton also, escapehour has escape rooms where players can enjoy escape games. Compared to calgary, edmonton has an additional action themed escape game, Five Lives.

One of the main advantages of the escapehour rooms is that all the rooms are private, the player will only play with his or her friends and family. This is because many people are not comfortable being locked in a room with strangers who they do not know. At least two players are required to play any escape game, and a maximum of eight to ten players can play the game together.

It is observed that the chances of exiting the room are lower when there are only two players. Since the escape games at escapehour have different themes, the minimum age requirement for each game will vary. Usually players above the age of eighteen can play all the games.

Some of the escape games can be played by children above the age of fifteen for parties and other occasions, though they must be accompanied by an adult. Those who wish to book an escape room can do so conveniently from the escapehour website. There are multiple booking slots available for each room, with the first time slot starting at 12.30 noon and the last slot at 10.30 pm at night.