Florida boy, 13, seen standing over mom's bed 'before murdering her'

Heartstopping babycam image shows Florida honors student, 13, standing over his mom’s bed ‘moments before he stabbed her to death as his newborn sister slept nearby’

  • Derek Rosa, 13, is accused of fatally stabbing his mother in her bed on the night of October 12, while his newborn baby sister slept in a crib beside her
  • New photos shows the moment Rosa hovering over her bed before he attacked her with a kitchen knife
  • Rosa appeared in court at the end of November: his lawyers entered a not guilty plea, but have not yet indicated any kind of mental illness defense

Disturbing babycam footage shows a 13 year-old Florida honors student standing over his sleeping mom in her bed, moments before he allegedly murdered her. 

Derek Rosa was seen in an eerie black and white image released by Miami-Dade District Attorney’s Office Monday, looming over his 39 year-old mom Irina Garcia in her bed on the night of October 12.

The time stamp on the static image shows 11pm. Rosa called 911 to report the murder around 11:30pm. 

His right arm appears to be moving in the image, although prosecutors have yet to provide further detail on what they allege is happening in the photo.

Another haunting photo released by investigators shows Garcia in her bed, cradling her 14 day-old baby, at 10:23pm the same evening. The bedroom light is on, meaning the image is in color. 

Just an hour later Irina would be dead.

Other images released include a selfie Rosa is accused of sending a friend after the killing, with what appears to be blood smeared on his hands. Distressing images of a pink-handled knife covered with blood were shared too

Rosa has been charged as an adult over the murder. He has pleaded not guilty: his lawyers are yet to declare any mental illness defense.

Crime scene photos, released on Monday, show Derek Rosa, 13, standing over his mother’s bed at 11pm, before he fatally stabbed her. His newborn baby sister’s crib is by her bed

At 10:23pm, Irina Garcia is seen lying on the bed, cradling her 14-day-old daughter

Rosa, with his hands covered in blood, is seen making a ‘hang loose’ surfer gesture of friendship. The photo is believed to be the one he sent to his friend, with the word: ‘Goodbye’. He then called 911 to say he had murdered his mother

Derek Rosa, 13, (left) allegedly stabbed and killed his mother, Irina Garcia, 39 (right) in her sleep before sending photos of her body to a friend on social media

Prosecutors released the photo of the bloodied kitchen knife

The knife is seen at the crime scene in Hialeah, Florida. Rosa has been charged as an adult with the killing 

Rosa’s family say he is a ‘good kid’ and that ‘no one could imagine that this would ever happen’. He is pictured with his mother and stepfather

No explanation has yet been given for the frenzied attack. 

After the stabbing, he called 911 at around 11:30pm to report having just killed his mother, while his newborn baby sister slept in her crib nearby. 

He told the operator that he stabbed his mother in her sleep, and that he was also contemplating suicide – but said he ‘didn’t want’ to kill himself. 

A hearing last week was to determine if he should stay in the adult jail where he is currently being held, or if he can return to a juvenile facility. 

His attorneys are pushing for the latter. 

The judge did not decide on where he should be kept. 

The hearing also heard arguments on whether the teen’s legal team will be allowed to enter the apartment where the murder took place. 

Derek Rosa, 13, looked disorientated and confused as he listened to lawyers and the judge at a brief hearing in Miami

The teen’s legal team gathered around him at one point to explain the proceedings

Rosa, 13, is charged with murdering his mother Irina while she was sleeping on October 12


The apartments where Rosa lived in Hialeah, Florida, before he allegedly stabbed his mom to death

The judge granted the request on the condition that police officers remain outside while they carry out their searches. 

It’s unclear exactly what they are looking for, or why they want to gain entry to the home. 

The teenager’s stepfather protested, as did prosecutors, who pointed out the fact that others had been in the apartment since the crime. 

Rosa’s defense attorneys examined the crime scene Thursday, NBC News reported.

A team including an attorney, forensic examiner and photographer were allowed into the Hialeah property for three hours.

Rosa’s neighbors were stunned by his arrest last month. 

They and his family described him as a happy, studious teenager who never displayed any signs of violence. 

His father, Jose Rosa, previously called for his son to get a second chance.

‘I guess what we’re asking for is another opportunity — a second chance — to help him grow and become mature as a grown man to put this behind him,’ he said.

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