Furious dad throws bucket of poo over his son’s teacher after she ‘refused to give him good grades'

WATCH the moment a furious dad hurls a bucket of poo over his son's teacher, who he claims demanded a bribe to give his son good grades.

According to the attacker, the woman had demanded a bribe of £257 from each of her medical students to issue them with their diplomas at a college in Ukraine.

The teacher's white lace dress is seen to be soaking wet after the attack with foul-smelling brown lumps left lying on the ground around her.

The man is seen shouting at the teacher in Ukrainian while surrounded by other men who intimidate her before he is passed a green bucket, reportedly with faeces inside and throws it over the shocked teacher who cries out.

The victim protests her innocence to the father man, as filmed in footage by an outlooker that eventually was sent to police.

According to reports, the woman also got in touch with the police herself to report her attacker.

The man has since been placed under investigation for hooliganism and could be facing up to four years in jail.

There were no reports on whether the man's allegations of extortion against the teacher are also being investigated.

Meanwhile in the UK, a serial pooer who left "explosive diarrhoea" outside a family's house for two years has finally been caught on CCTV.

The family, with two young children, has been finding faeces smeared across their path "several times a week".

They installed security cameras worth £600 at the end of last year to try to catch the culprit and get the authorities to take action.

And finally, on Tuesday a man was videoed publicly defecating outside their home on Colbourne Road in Hove, East Sussex.

Footage taken in broad daylight at 8.25am shows the man empty his bowels before wiping himself with a sheet of toilet paper and discarding it on the floor.

The family suspects it is the same man who has been leaving "explosive diarrhoea" or "liquid poo" on their walkway for the past two years.

The mum, who wished to remain anonymous said: "You'll wake up and there would be poo as you are leaving the house.

"Then you'll see his token piece of toilet paper, it's like a calling card."

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