Get rid of house flies ‘permanently’ using a cucumber – most effective method

Luckily, there are three effective ways to repel flies and get rid of the insects “permanently” this summer.


Flies hate the smell of cucumber, so it can be used to deter them from the kitchen and dining areas in the house. As flies are prevalent in hot countries like Spain, experts at Health Plan Spain shared how people can use the vegetable to get rid of them.

The experts suggested: “If you find that flies are drawn to your rubbish/food bins, one of the best ways to prevent them from laying their eggs there is to place slices of cucumber on the top of the bin.

“In addition to that, if you find flies are drawn to certain areas around your home, placing cucumber slices around those areas will help keep them at bay.”

Cucumbers also work with other pests, especially crawling insects, like silverfish or ants. They especially don’t like the peels, so place those around the affected areas and replace them when needed.

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Flies hate the smell of vodka so the alcohol-based solution “works as a great natural remedy to get rid of them”. The experts at Health Plan Spain explained how to make a vodka-based repellent.

They said: “Quite simply get a glass spray bottle and mix one cup of vodka with a teaspoon of organic lemon eucalyptus oil and two teaspoons of aloe vera juice. Spray all areas and surfaces that have or may attract flies to distract them.”

The alcohol solution also works as a mosquito repellent and a lot of people apply it to their skin, especially around the wrists and ankles, so the insects don’t get anywhere near.

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Apple cider vinegar trap

Apple cider vinegar has a smell that flies find very pleasant and they are easily attracted to it. To make a trap, cut the top of a plastic bottle, add a bit of apple cider vinegar and place the neck of the bottle downwards, like a funnel.

House flies will be attracted to it and will soon be trapped in the “natural and easy-to-make fly trap,” as the experts explained.

The trap is “great to use both indoors and outside and is one of the most effective methods”.

The health experts recommended an alternative: “Fill a bowl three-quarters of the way with apple cider vinegar and add a drop of washing up liquid.

“The detergent will allow the liquid in the bowl to have a firmer surface, giving the flies a false sense of security, before they eventually fall into the vinegar.

“When doing this, make sure you place the bowl away from any other temptations on the table or countertops. You don’t want anything else to catch their attention and draw them away from your trap.”