Girl 'flung' from Froggitt ride at Easter funfair in Epsom is 'safe'

Girl ‘flung’ from Froggitt ride at Easter funfair in Epsom is ‘safe’ and ‘sleeping at home’, her father says – as police launch probe into horror

The father of a girl who was ‘flung’ from a fairground ride in Surrey said that his daughter is safe at home.

Families enjoying a fun day out at a Easter funfair were left in a state of shock after witnessing the ‘chaos’ at a Surrey funfair where two children were reportedly ‘flung’ from The Froggitt ride.

The father of the girl sent a message to funfair bosses that read: ‘We are all back at home [my daughter] is sleeping at the moment,’ according to The Sun.

The nightmare unfolded at the Hook Road Arena in Epsom at 7.10pm on Monday in front of hundreds of families.

One witness told The Sun: ‘It was chaos. The injured girl was at the back of the ride and appeared to basically slip out of her seat and went flying as it spun round.

Police tape at the scene as investigators try to find out what happened 

Two children were injured on a ride in front of horrified families on Sunday night in Epsom, Surrey

‘Some of the children had been shouting for help as they could see she was beginning to fall from the car. All the kids were crying in shock and desperate to get off the ride as soon as they could.

‘It’s a miracle the girl isn’t more seriously injured. She was screaming in pain. We all feared the worst.’ 

Another witness told Local London: ‘I see some girl’s leg hanging off the ride and it didn’t look right. So I went over to the kiosk thing and shouted ‘Stop the ride! Stop the f******* ride! Stop it!’

‘And no reply. She’d gone around three times. When it stopped, she was in pain so I phoned the ambulance straight away.’

Social media users demanded the fairground was closed down after yesterday’s chaos.

One user said: ‘Crazy Frog? Crazy decision, more like, not to force closure until every ride is certified as safe. 

‘What happens if someone loses a limb, or worse, this evening on another ride operated by the same group of people. 

‘Seems like a mindless decision here mostly likely driven by the devil (money!)’

Two children were reportedly ‘flung’ from The Froggitt ride in Epsom, Surrey (pictured)

One child taken to hospital by air ambulance amid the chaos at the Easter funfair

Surrey Police are investigating how the incident happened

One first aider, who wished to remain anonymous, denied that there was anything wrong with the ride and that there are ‘a lot of false statements’, according to the Sun.

‘There were three passengers – two little kids and an older girl. She’s got bruising.

‘I’m a first aider. She was led down from the ride and we told her not to move. But she was able to move around and speak to us.

‘The seven year old boy was in the car. He was checked over but there was nothing wrong with him in the end. He’s fine.

‘Health and Safety are here. But there’s nothing wrong with the ride.’

President of The Showmen’s Guild – which is associated with the fairground industry – John Thurston said: ‘The Showmen’s Guild is aware of an incident that has occurred at Ewell in Surrey, in the evening hours of Monday 3rd April, at a fair at Hook Road Arena, Ewell, Surrey; following which, we understand, that two young persons have received medical treatment and were discharged home.

‘The Showmen, operating the fair, members of the Showmen’s Guild, are assisting the HSE, as the body that oversees the regulation of safety at funfairs, in their investigation into the circumstances that led to this incident.

‘Our thoughts are with all those involved and their families.

‘As the investigation is currently taking place, we are unable to comment further at this time’.

Surrey Police said: ‘Yesterday evening, at around 7.10pm, we were called to Hook Road Arena in Epsom after reports that two children had been injured on a ride at a fairground.

‘The two children have both been taken to hospital for assessment of their injuries.

‘Surrey Police worked with the organisers of the event to close the site, and the Health and Safety Executive has been informed. There remains a police presence at the site while officers investigate.

‘We are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident, or has video or photographic footage of what happened, to contact us quoting SYP-20230403-0637.’

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