Girls gang-raped after they were invited to try a drugged vape

Three 13-year-old girls are gang-raped after they were invited to ‘try a new flavour of vape’ which had been DRUGGED

  • The three girls were lured to a lodging house by five suspects aged 13 to 17
  • The girls were offered a drugged vape and subsequently lost consciousness

Three 13-year-old girls were gang-raped after they were offered a new flavour of vape which had been drugged, Malaysian police have said.

The girls were said to have been assaulted by four teenagers at a lodging house in the Malaysian state of Sabah last week on April 26.

The suspects lured the 13-year-olds to the house with the help of another female accomplice said to be aged 17.

Police said the suspects had approached the young girls at a shopping centre before convincing them to hang out at the lodging house where they offered them the vape.

After trying the vape, which had been drugged, investigators said the three girls lost consciousness before later waking up naked.

Three 13-year-old girls were allegedly gang-raped after they were offered a new flavour of vape which had been drugged, Malaysian police have said (file image of a person vaping) 

The suspects were arrested by officials in the Sabah state capital of Kota Kinabalu after one of the victims came forward and filed a report with police.

A subsequent investigation found that two friends of the girl had also been victim to the gang-rape by the four teenagers.

‘All the suspects, aged 13 to 17, were arrested around the city and Telipok Ria in Tuaran district,’ Mohd Zaidi Abdullah, the local police chief said, as reported by The Straits Times.

They will remain in custody until later this week on May 5 while investigations continue, police said.

‘In that incident, the four male and one female suspects approached the three victims when they were at a shopping centre in the city and subsequently persuaded them to hang out at their lodging house in Kampung Air,’ Mr Mohd Zaidi told local press.

‘While at the lodging house, they were lured to smoke a new flavoured vape.’

The police chief said the young girls accepted the invitation to try the vape, and then lost consciousness.

‘When the victims woke up in the middle of the night, they found themselves naked, while the suspects had disappeared.

‘All three victims suspected they were raped and have since made a police report,’ he said.

Police said they were investigating the suspects under accusations of rape as well as pimping.

Malaysia’s Criminal Investigations Department confirmed the five suspects were arrested last week on April 27, including the 17-year-old female.

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