Horrifying moment poisonous spider slips through crack of closed van door

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People are vowing to never visit Australia after watching this video of a huntsman spider slipping through the crack of a closed van door.

That might be a bit harsh, as the country is home to some gorgeous landscapes, magnificent wildlife, and beautiful beaches.

But as well as cute koalas and kangaroos, it is also well known for its creepy crawlies, many of which are poisonous enough to land you in hospital.

While huntsman spiders aren’t seen as especially dangerous to humans, but their bites are still very painful.

They can cause swelling, nausea, vomiting and heart palpitations, so you wouldn’t want one hanging about in your van while on the road.

TikTokers @gawnedsgapyear encountered some of the venomous creatures hanging on the outside of their van and decided to document the skin-crawling moment.

The couple, who regularly post updates of their travels in Australia and Canada, used sticks to try and scare them away.

As the woman asks for a stick to try and shoo the spiders away, the man jokes: ‘Forget the stick, just burn the van. Burn it to the ground.’

As the woman closes the van, one of the spiders scurries away, but rather than hitting the ground below, it somehow manages to squeeze through the tiny crack of the door.

Eventually she manages to find its hiding place and flicks it to the ground with the stick, but that wasn’t the end of their spider troubles.

Two days later they found another huntsman clinging onto the ceiling at the front of their van.

The man says: ‘You’re kidding’, to which his partner adds: ‘I’m not sleeping tonight.’

But the woman then says ‘one of us has to be brave’ and traps the spider with a plastic box and skilfully gets the lid on before it can escape.

Declaring herself as a ‘spider goddess’, she says: ‘There are 100 acres here, I’m going to take it to the 99th acre.’

Expressing their horror in the comments section, one TikTok user wrote: ‘I think I just had a heart attack!’

Another said there was no way they could sleep in that van, while a third said: ‘I will NEVER visit Australia for this reason. Petrified.’

One told the couple to ‘burn the car and run’. On yet another video of a spider hanging out in the boot of their van, another user commented: ‘This is why Russia would never DARE to invade Australia.’

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